McCarthy on the birth certificate and more

Andrew McCarthy departs from his editors at National Review who have dismissed the Obama birth certificate issue as crackpottery. He says that the certification of birth was shown, but not the birth certificate, which is a larger document containing much more information. While McCarthy personally believes that Obama was born in Hawaii, he says that this concealment of the truth is typical of Obama, who has systematically lied about his biography. He also argues that Obama was a Kenyan citizen by virtue of his birth to a Kenyan father, and very possibly an Indonesian citizen by virtue of his likely adoption by his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro. He says the mainstream media cannot be relied on since they assist Obama in covering up the truth.

When Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor of the blind sheik, is calling for the truth abut Obama’s birth, the people demanding the truth cannot be dismissed as “birthers” any longer.

As a supplement to McCarthy’s article (it covers much of the same ground), see my November 2008 article, “Knowing what we don’t know about Obama’s birth certificate.”

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Terry Morris writes:

Hussein Obama most definitely was a Kenyan/British citizen at birth, by virtue of his father’s Kenyan nativity. Even Hussein Obama himself doesn’t dispute this fact. Indeed, at his “Fight the Smears” website, this very fact itself is offered as evidence of Hussein Obama’s “natural born” U.S. citizen status.

He is also a “natural conceived Muslim,” which I’ve stated many times before. He’s never formally renounced his natural conceived Muslim-hood that I’m aware of, therefore he’s a Muslim—natural conceived ‘n’ all.

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