In Britain, the strong are as cowardly about race as the weak

The comment at the Telegraph by “American reader” about the racial nature of violent street crime in London, which I copied last night when I prepared this entry, has been removed from the Telegraph. See discussion below.

George Pilcher in the Telegraph (“Prince William needs to be tougher than Diana”) takes exception to Prince William’s compassionate approach to street thugs. What is needed to stop crimes like the murder of Ben Kinsella, continues Pilcher, is strong men with guns, not royal social workers with a case of noblesse oblige. But as the discussion continues in the comments section, both sides of the issue—the compassionate and the tough-minded—equally ignore the elephant in the room, race (as does Pilcher), until an American commenter injects some reality into the proceedings:

American reader
on June 22, 2009
at 10:37 AM

You are not being honest with your readership: the majority of street crime in London, for example, is committed by members of the Negroid Race against members of the Caucasian Race. In other words, this newspaper, and all British media, ignores the racist content of the crimewave against the native, indigenous race and people of these islands.On American blogsites, it is often commented how British newspapers will never report the race of criminals but will put up photos of the criminals, thus making it clear, indirectly, the racist nature of the attacks as, for example, the gang rape and torture of two Caucasians by Negroes in Surrey reported in the local press but totally ignored by yours and other national papers. It is also noted on American blogsites that the Moslem intifada against native Britons is never covered but that any criticism, let alone physical manifestation by Britons against Moslem crime, is always referred to as ‘racism.’ The British press is guilty of connivance in racial crime.

The rape and torture story the commenter mentions was posted at VFR the other day. Perhaps the commenter is a VFR reader. I hope so. The British gave us our language, much of our literature, much of our culture, much of our sense of life, and much of our political understanding, not to mention our founding racial/ethnic group. The least we can do is repay the favor some way. And it seems to me that the most meaningful thing we can do for the British at the moment is help lead them out of the see-no-race, hear-no-race, speak-no-race hell they currently occupy, even as barbaric and fully race-conscious members of other races are targeting them.

* * *

Of course I am not saying that America is honest about race; every day I post items showing that we are not. But in America the truth about race is allowed to pop out occasionally and is even rationally discussed in “respectable” publications, e.g., Heather Mac Donald’s articles at City Journal and elsewhere. In Britain, by contrast, there is, for example, an ongoing epidemic of “knife crimes” in London, and the society is obsessed and bent out of shape about these crimes, yet the fact that virtually all of these crimes are being committed by blacks is never mentioned by any mainstream reporter or columnist, or even (as can be seen in the Telegraph article) by ordinary readers sending comments to newspapers. The flowery socio-babble constantly employed by the British to avoid mentioning the nonwhite reality of violent crime in their once-peaceful country would be funny if it were not so contemptible.

- end of initial entry -

Ortelio writes (11:58 a.m.):

The American realist comment wasn’t tolerated very long on the Telegraph website, before being expunged. “Hate speech”, I suppose.

LA replies:

Terrible. I just sent this comment to the Telegraph:

May I ask why you deleted the comment that was posted by “American reader” on June 22 at 10:37 AM? The comment was a factual statement about the racial nature of violent street crime in London and the fact that this is covered up. There was nothing of a prejudicial nature about the comment. Are you at the Telegraph literally going to spike any mention of the fact that the knife crime the British are constantly moaning about is almost 100 percent a black phenomenon? How can you stop the crime, if you prohibit any discussion of its nature?

Here is the comment again. Please tell me what is objectively wrong about this comment.

[followed by the entire comment]

I also wrote to reader Katherine B. who had originally directed me to the comment at the Telegraph with a link to the page:

Thank you.

I drafted something on this last night, and posted it this morning.

But guess what? A reader just informed me that the “American reader’s” comment has been removed!

This is a useful lesson for all of us. When we see something politically incorrect of this nature, we shouldn’t just link it, but copy it. That way we have record of it in case the editors delete it.

If I had not gone to the Telegraph to read the article late last night and copied the “American reader’s” comment at that time, then by today it would have been gone and there would have been no way to retrieve it.

LA continues:

I just realized that when I said in my comment to the Telegraph that the American reader’s comment was factual, that was not entirely correct. The American reader said that the majority of street crime in London is committed by blacks against whites. I don’t know about street crime overall, but the main issue here is knife crime, and, as I remember, we had a discussion a few months ago in which it was made clear that the majority of the victims of these crimes have been minorities. Of course, there have also been a large number of attacks on and murders of whites as well. The main issue here is not the race of the victims, but the race of the perpetrators, and the fact that it is never mentioned. In this the American reader is correct. The American reader is also correct that white people in Britain are being repeatedly violently attacked by blacks (and Muslims) and that this fact is NEVER mentioned in the mainstream media.

Katherine B. writes:

Does PC strangulation get any sillier? Martin on June 23 at 05:55pm comments on the Prince William article:

“I see that the one honest post referring to the real issue,—race, has been deleted.

No wonder newspapers are going out of business. Every one with at least a double digit IQ knows that nearly all this type of crime is committed by blacks. All else is huffing and puffing.

LA replies:

Let’s see how long Martin’s comment stays up.

David B. writes:

You are right that the British are worse than we are in this regard. In an American newpaper, there will be a fair amount of comments about the racial nature of crimes like this. In Britain, very few and taken down quickly.

June 24

LA replies:

That’s the essential difference. In America’s there’s SOME racial truth spoken in public venues. In Britain there’s NONE. It’s strange to watch these Brits talk about a massive racial phenomenon and never mention race. HOW CAN THEY STAND IT? If they would all just start rebelling against the strictures, the system would break down.But they don’t. They’re all strangled up inside. Who would have imagined, say, a hundred years ago, that the famous British politeness and understatement would make them a people perfectly suited to totalitarianism?

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