The growing threat posed to America by Minnesota men

From the April 27 Bozeman (Montana) Chronicle:

Minn. man pleads guilty to false threat on Amtrak

A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to making a threat that led to the evacuation of an Amtrak train in northern Montana in February.

The U.S. attorney’s office says Hussein Abdi Hassan, 24, of Minneapolis pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal charge of false information and hoaxes. U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon scheduled sentencing for Aug. 22.

Prosecutors say Hassan, who remains in custody, was removed from an Amtrak train in Browning on Feb. 14 for being intoxicated and disruptive. As he was being driven to the police station he made statements to the deputy implying that there was something dangerous in his bag and that there were dangerous people on the train.

Based on the threat, the train was stopped between Browning and East Glacier and 140 passengers were evacuated. In order to get to buses, the passengers had to walk 75 feet across a frozen pond in snowy and windy conditions. The passengers were held at a middle school while the train was searched for explosives. None were found.

Dean Ericson writes:

The threat to America from Minnesota Men isn’t so much from the Somalis, Hmong, and other immigrants; it’s from the nice, white Minnesota commie-lib zombies who imported them as just one among a variety of strategies for suicide-murdering America. You talk about outlawing sharia as a way of dealing with Islam, but what’s needed is outlawing liberalism.

LA replies:

Yes, but the only way to outlaw liberalism would be by suppressing or expelling the liberals. Practically, that could only be done through a dictatorship or through creating a polity in which liberals were absent or were only a weak minority. Which leads us back to the subject of the secession of conservative America from liberal America.

The only other way for liberalism to be eliminated as a political force would be by the spontaneous abandonment by liberals of liberalism, just as the only way for Islam to be eliminated would be by the voluntary apostasy of Muslims from their faith. There is of course no sign of either of those desired events happening in the foreseeable future. However, liberalism must eventually die, since it must destroy the society that is its host. But then the death of liberalism coincides with the death of our society, which is the very thing we’re trying to prevent.

Greg W. writes:

Hussein Abdi Hassan is obviously an Anglo name, possibly Welsh. Dearborn, Michigan is full of Welshmen.

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