GOP candidates again allow liberal media to set them up as bigots—which tells us how will they would govern

James P. writes:

I was nauseated by the questions in the NBC debate on Sunday morning: “How have you stood up for gay rights?” and “When’s the last time you stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights?”

The very fact that Romney and Santorum accepted the premise of this question—that Republicans should stand up for gay rights—and did not respond that not only is this not a President’s job, but a Republican President should actively oppose the homosexual agenda rather than support it, speaks volumes about the liberal nature of the candidates, even the supposed social conservative, Santorum.

LA replies:

I and others have said that the GOP candidates make themselves look like fops by appearing at all these liberal media debates where the questions and the format are determined by liberals who are openly disdainful of the candidates, instead of setting up their own debates with moderators who will not be hostile to them. It’s a perfect example of how conservatives live wholly within the liberal world and like fish in the sea are not aware of this fact, so it doesn’t even occur to them to question the idea of letting liberal Democrats control the terms of their debate. Gingrich is an exception to what I’ve just said, since he has repeatedly issued strong rebukes to the biased nature of the questions.

A commenter at Newsbusters makes the same point I just made:

“Mind Numbing”

Submitted by mad53PA on Mon, 01/09/2012—3:18pm.

I continue to be amazed as to why Republicans, Conservatives and our current crop of candidates agree to these venues and debates moderated by MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and most media outlets.

They serve no other purpose than to allow the “gotcha” questions, serve as weeks worth of fodder for SNL, Stewart, Colbert, Matthews, Sharpton, Bashir, Stephy etc.

I know you have to use media outlets, but why have the Obama lovers define you.

I would debate in friendly confines (you have to be the nominee first) and then take on Obama in the debates.

The commenter should not be amazed. The Republican candidates are behaving the Republicans always behave—as sheep in the liberal sheepfold.

Timothy A. writes:

It’s true that conservatives opposed the homosexualization of the military in the early 1990s, but they had already set themselves up for the present-day cave-in by becoming cheerleaders for the feminization of the military at the time of Gulf War I. Maybe the conservative motto should be “Us too, but slower”.

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The reader in England who sent the story writes:

Is there any end in sight for this black crime blight?


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