“No Labels”: the latest incarnation of the liberal fraud of neutrality

The supremely unworthy Jonah Goldberg can on rare occasions write a worthwhile column. He exposes the current nonsense about “non-ideological,” “No Labels” leadership as supposedly personified by Michael Bloomberg and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Goldberg understands the fraud of “neutrality”—a fraud that is always advanced by liberals whose real aim is to silence conservative opposition to liberalism:

Both Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg were deemed heroic for abandoning ideology to focus on pragmatic problem-solving. Bloomberg has made this something of a crusade. He helped launch the laughingstock group No Labels, which seeks to get the “politics out of problem-solving.”

But people disagree about how to solve problems, and they may disagree about what is a problem in the first place. In a democratic republic, we hash out these disagreements through this thing called “politics.” Getting politics out of problem-solving is synonymous with getting democracy out of politics.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 04, 2011 09:44 AM | Send

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