Heavily tattooed man murders six at Sikh temple

Wade Michael Page, a guitarist who had covered both his arms with hideous tattoos, shot to death six people and wounded three others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.



And not just his forearms, but his upper arms, his neck, and his back:


People who permanently disfigure their bodies with these monstrous and frightening tattoos have, whether they consciously realize it or not, rejected their own humanity and our common humanity. It is not surprising that one of these freaks has committed a terrible crime, since he had turned his very body into a crime, a weapon of repulsion and fear. Yet while our society obsesses about the dangers posed by members of “white supremacist” and neo-Nazi groups (though not nearly as much as it obsesses about the dangers posed by Republicans and tea partiers), it accepts as normal, and has not a word to say against, people who conspicuously mutilate their own bodies and by doing so declare war against society, humanity, nature, and God—against the order of existence.

* * *

And speaking of a war against the order of existence, our society, via the phrase “LGBT,” also now gives its complete approval to people who surgically change their sex; it includes these monsters among the sacred categories of persons about whom nothing critical may be said if one wishes to maintain one’s place in mainstream society.

In the Roman empire in the 90s of the first century A.D., Christians were executed en masse for refusing to bow down to the image of the Emperor Domitian. It was this mass persecution of Christians, through the entire empire (and not just in Rome, as in the time of Nero), that inspired the apocalyptic visions in The Revelation of St. John.

Well, the Christians and other decent Americans of today are not required, on pain of death, to worship the emperor. They are required, on pain of having their lives ruined, to accept, without the slightest visible sign of protest, without the tiniest verbal hint of disapproval, a Reign of Perversion the like of which has perhaps never been seen before in human history.

Perversion is of course not new (and I am not speaking just of sexual perversion); nor is large-scale perversion new. But the mass-normalization and required approval of perversion: that is new. It took modern, American-led liberalism to accomplish that. We are Rome. We are Babylon.

And there followed another
angel, saying, Babylon is fallen,
is fallen, that great city, because
she made all nations drink of the
wine of the wrath of her
fornication. (Revelation 14:8.)


Steven T. (not Stephen T.) writes:

Tattoos are no longer taboo among Generation Me. Our youth have dethroned God; they are untethered, lost, and adrift in a rainbow-colored sea of cultural confusion. In primitive societies, tattooing is a painful rite-of-passage ritual that confers tribal identity and marks the transition into adulthood. In Christianity, this archetype of transformation finds its divine fulfillment in baptism. For Generation Me, there is no tribal identity, or clear sense of adulthood—only personal expression and extended adolescence. Their only rite of passage will be four years of ritual fornication and binge drinking at the university of hedonism. In this godless void we are reverting back to primitive living, marked by matriarchy and barbarism. Our bodies are no longer holy temples because the Spirit has departed. This partially explains why tattoos are growing ubiquitous.

We also have a crisis of masculinity. Men are role-less, alienated, and without purpose because the foundations of civilization and marriage have been torn out from under our feet by liberals and feminists. I would highly recommend reading “The Garbage Generation” by David Amneus, which is available for free on the internet. Men no longer have motivation to channel their violent energies into providing for their families, they would rather cad and be thugs. Why don’t they have motivation? Before, they could be assured legitimate children and a chaste wife. In exchange, men would provide and accumulate material advantages for women that are not possible without patriarchy. Currently, marriage no longer confers rights to fathers, women are promiscuous, and they are either economically independent or have a surrogate husband in the State. Men are superfluous. Tattoos are just the ugly, easy-to-see warning signs that we are heading back to the rotating family and the grass hut.

In Christ,
Steven T.

August 8

LA writes:

A blogger who quoted this entry makes an interesting point:

I’m an atheist, so I’d withhold the God talk, but otherwise I agree that tattoos are repulsive (because our biology prefers visual norms, beauty and health). So I don’t understand why white people who oppose diversity then go and nauseatingly deface their own skin. Logically, such a person would hate themselves [sic].

Evidently our biology does not know that pronouns must agree with the nouns to which they refer.

Bruce B. writes:

Forgive the nitpicking here.

You wrote:

“But the mass-normalization and required approval of perversion: that is new. It took modern, American-led liberalism to accomplish that. We are Rome. We are Babylon.”

If we are Rome and/or Babylon then that which we’ve accomplished isn’t new.

LA replies:

When I was preparing the entry I was aware of that possible problem and figured some nit-picker would call me on it—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The new refers to the different scale of perversion and the obligatory obeissance to the reign of perversion. In that sense we are not like Rome under the reign of Domitian (which is referred to in the Book of Revelation as Babylon). But as regards the obligatory obeissance to what is false and evil, in that sense we are like Rome.

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