Are people who think that women have a right to lifetime free birth control pills—intelligent?

In the still continuing entry on mandated universal subsidies for birth control, a reader suggests that we turn the tables on liberals, who are always pointing out how mentally deficient conservatives are, and point out that people like Sandra Fluke are not smart enough enough to be receiving an education from a respected university like Georgetown, and “make them sense that most other people regard them as complete idiots.” To which I reply:

Very interesting idea. I think I will propose it to Richard Lynn, a leading race realist who once published a study saying that believers (namely Christians) are less intelligent than non-believers. (Be sure to see my reply to him.) I would like to ask Prof. Lynn, since he agrees with liberals that (secular) liberals are more intelligent than believers, does he also agree with liberals that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives generally, including race realists such as himself? After all, the argument that conservatives are unintelligent follows almost exactly the same lines as the argument that believers are unintelligent

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