The true heroes of today’s Navy


Forget about the unimpressive female sailors, the U.S. Navy’s “four sailors of the year,” who, however devotedly and with whatever constancy, merely carry the water bottles and drink from them. It’s the water bottles themselves that really matter, standing there so cutely and in a posture of perfect military attention that the women can’t hope to emulate.


See VFR commenters’ previous and continuing explications of the cultural meaning of the water bottles here.

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Josh F. writes:

In our radically autonomizing society, I would say the water bottle is the answer to the question, “If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would wish for?” It seems that the water bottle—much like the cell phone—is evidence that we all live on deserted islands, i.e., radically autonomous.

LA replies:

Exactly. That’s very good.

And not only autonomous, but without a civilization or culture supporting us. Life is about surviving, one minute to the next.

August 7

Anita K. writes from Toronto:

I appreciated the business of the ubiquitous water bottles…. and I think something might also be said about coffee. In my day (famous phrase!), one drank water at home, and, occasionally, when in restaurants. And, one drank coffee at a coffee shop. I remember thick white cups and saucers, sugar dispensers, and so on. Nowadays, though, it seems everyone is carrying around styrofoam cups of coffee. Up here in Canada, it’s usually Tim Horton’s, but also McDonald’s and others.

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