The blind advising the blind

I keep seeing the same advice coming from liberal pro-Obama columnists on how the president can recover his socialized medicine mojo: over and over, they tell him that he needs to present a coherent and compelling message about the health care bill. Thus John Heilemann of New York Magazine writes:

What’s been missing has been equal skill at the outside game, in the form of an overarching argument at once coherent and compelling to the broad electorate—the kind of thing at which both Obama and his message guru, David Axelrod, once seemed to be geniuses.

Heilemann and his fellow Democratic pundits are as closed off from reality as the man they are trying to help. Obviously the reason the president has been unable to make a coherent and compelling case for Obamacare is that the bill is senseless and horrible and threatens to consign the American people to a bureaucratic and financial hell from which there will be no escape, which is why, again obviously, the people have resoundingly rejected it. Heilemann is no more capable of grasping these simple truths than is Obama. The signs thus point to a continuing standoff between the administration and the rest of the country, with Obama and his followers weltering in their private lake of fire, and becoming increasingly outraged and furious at the rest of America for not wanting to join them there.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 25, 2010 01:58 AM | Send

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