Britain gives half its state housing to immigrants

(NOTE: the figures in the Daily Mail are confusing and contradictory. The second sentence of the article says that “up to half of all social housing lets are given to those born abroad.” But elsewhere the article seems to say that the “up to half” figure applies only to London: “in London … up to half of such housing was handed over to immigrants.” However, two sentences later it says: “on average 11 per cent of new social housing lets in London went to foreigners.” I’ve changed the opening sentence of the entry to reflect this uncertainty.)

A government study in the Dead and Rotting Isle reveals that a very large though indeterminate portion of its social (i.e., government-subsidized) housing is being given out to non-citizen immigrants. Frank Field, David Cameron’s “poverty tsar” and a former Labour government minister, calls the finding a “scandal” and says that British taxpayers should get social housing ahead of new immigrants.

What is a wrong with the man? This is not a scandal. It is entirely in conformity with the left-liberal ideology to which both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party adhere: (a) all groups in society should have roughly equal outcomes, and (b) it is the most morally wicked act to discriminate among people by nationality, race, religion, law-abidingness, etc. Therefore all people in the world, regardless of where they come from, and even regardless of the legality of their physical presence in the country in which they now reside, should have equal outcomes. What then is wrong with giving half the government subsidized housing in Britain to foreigners and immigrants? I’ll bet The Guardian does not indulge in the effeminate, hypocritical hand-wringing we see coming from the likes of Frank Field. Real leftists don’t look back.

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