The neocons, like Communists, are stone-cold ideologues without an ounce of intellectual conscience. When Communist rule resulted over and over again in horrible tyranny and poverty, the Communist apologists in the West cried: “But true Communism has never been tried! Stalin was not a Communist, but just a brute! And the U.S.S.R. never had Communism, but state capitalism! So we’ve only seen actually existing Communism, not true Communism.”

Similarly, when Muslim democracy results, over and over again, in orthodox sharia governments and an upsurge in violent jihadism, anti-Westernism, and mortal threats to Israel, the neocons, along with their Republican allies, cry: “But true Muslim democracy has never been tried! True Muslim democracy requires that America carefully manage the young, vulnerable, fledgling democracies of the Muslim world so that they will exercise their democratic freedom of choice to choose secular liberal governments. But Obama didn’t carefully manage Muslim democracy. He didn’t coax and cultivate and lead them toward secular liberalism. Therefore we’ve never seen true Muslim democracy, but only actually existing Muslim democracy, which is not the real thing. And therefore our belief in Muslim democracy is not in the slightest degree discredited by the transformation of the Arab Spring into a region-wide anti-American riot!”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 22, 2012 09:50 PM | Send

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