If the DREAM (Act) dies in an empty forest with no liberal media reporting on it, did it die?

At VFR, I emphasize both the victories for our side (the defeat of the DREAM Act), and the disasters for our side (the passage of the bill to homosexualize the military). According to Stephen T., the mainstream media do not behave likewise. He writes:

Do you notice, as I do, the very muted coverage in mainstream media of the failure of the DREAM Act? At this moment, Sunday a.m., the morning after the Act failed in the Senate, there is no mention of it whatsoever on the front page of the online New York Times and only a small-print, secondary link to the story on the online Los Angeles Times. (In both outlets, however, there are headlines about the glorious repeal of DADT.)

Can you imagine what the front page would look like had DREAM passed? For years these institutions have been warning of (read: breathlessly predicting) the irrepressible electoral tidal wave of “vibrant Hispanics” which will sweep away the will of impotent, racist Anglos and totally dominate politics in this country. I’ve always sensed a propaganda-esque “Resistance Is Futile” vibe to such stories. And now, the failure of the DREAM Act—and the obvious, utter oblivion to which any similar bills will be consigned once the new Congress is sworn in—doesn’t fit the media’s pre-fab mold on this issue. Nor does it “correctly” depict the political will of Mexican illegal aliens as some sort of unstoppable, overpowering fait accompli, which Anglos must either passively accept or cower before helplessly. In fact, it sort of makes it look like a majority of Americans are unalterably opposed to illegal immigration and, far from being supine in the face of it, are willing to wield effective political power against it. You won’t find THAT story, either, on the front page of the newspapers.

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Nile McCoy writes:

The defeat of the DREAM Act has been characterized in the Des Moines Register, among other media publications and outlets, as “Republicans Block Youth Immigration Bill.”

Jim C. writes:

The liberal media privately realize that mass Hispanic immigration has a dysgenic effect on the host population. The failure of DREAM was only accorded subhead status in both the NY Times and the Huffington Post. My impression therefore is that white liberals basically agree with conservatives on this issue.

David B. writes:

I agree with Stephen T.’s comment about the mainstream media’s reaction to the death of the DREAM Act. I would add that considering the makeup of the Senate it was a miracle that it failed to get 60 votes.

Do you think Brownback, Collins, Snowe, Graham, and McCain would have voted against it 2-3 years ago? The Tea Party has made GOP senators more responsive to those who vote for them than they used to be.

LA to David B.:

Do you mean that Lindsey Graham voted against the DREAM Act? If so, that’s truly incredible.

David B. replies:

Yes, he did. According to Politics Daily, Graham said, “You are wasting your time. We are not going to pass the DREAM act or any other immigration bill (until) we secure our borders.”

LA replies:

Maybe it was because his master, McCain, switched sides (in a good way for once), so he switched sides as well.

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