Why reforming Moslems means undoing ourselves

In the previous blog entry, I wrote:

To escape the consequences of having set this impossibly high standard for the Moslems, [Bush] had to turn around and eliminate all standards, by suggesting a moral equivalence between our country and the most backward and oppressive regimes on earth.

This is a prime example of the moral, cultural, and political destruction that must result from our attempt to reform Moslem societies or assimilate Moslem populations into our society. In order to make the Moslems fit into our cultural and ideological systems, we must—given the actual unbridgeable differences between the Moslems and ourselves—progressively degrade our standards to the Moslems’ level. This is why, as I wrote in “The Search for Moderate Islam,” instead of including the Moslems in our world, we must steadily remove them from our world and draw firm lines between our world and theirs.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 21, 2005 09:35 PM | Send

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