The feckless, lost GOP

Clark Coleman writes:

You asked if Virgil Goode is seeking his old seat in 2010. He is not. About seven GOP hopefuls are seeking his seat. The six conservatives petitioned the state GOP to hold a nominating convention, in which only those who are pledged to support the eventual nominee can vote. Convention delegates would be apportioned based on voter turnout by precinct in 2008 voting.

Instead, the feckless GOP establishment announced today, Saturday, December 12, 2009, a day that will live in infamy, that the nominee will be decided in an open primary in June. With the open primary format,.and freshman Democrat Tom Perriello running unopposed in his own party, Democrats are free to cross party lines and vote for the lone liberal candidate in the GOP primary field. Thus, the GOP proves that it has learned nothing from the McCain open primary debacle.

The national GOP apparatchiks always favor primaries rather than conventions because primaries depend on advertising and fundraising, and they can funnel national money to their chosen candidate and control the primary election, or so they think. It often works out that the GOP entirely loses control because of the open primary format. We see the truth of the label “The Stupid Party” that the late Sam Francis gave to the GOP.

LA replies:

LA replies:

I thought the Virginia GOP were a serious group. They sound as feckless and lost as … the New York GOP. Than which no greater insult can be given.

If you took the trouble to contact some GOP higher up in Virginia and pointed out to him that the open primary assures that the Virginia equivalent of John McCain will win the primary, would he have sufficient neuronal activity to grasp what you were saying?

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Marco Jawsario writes:

Given the current anti-Obama political climate in Virginia, I, Don Marco, have joined the local branch of the National Tea Party and am currently organizing a reconquista of the local schools using my newly found and very energetic companeros.

On Saturday we are meeting with our Virginia state assemblyman to discuss our plans for reconquista and it will be interesting to see what this politico has to say. This senor, when he was my guest at La Don Marco Hacienda, admitted to me that even when the republicianos had a two to one advantage in the State Assembly, a six-seat advantage in the 40-member Senate, and the governorship back in 2001, these cobardes” (cowards) were “asleep at the wheel” with respect to the liberal takeover of our schools. I guess we could blame it on Bush Complaceny. However, it will be interesting to see if los Obamistas have energized this particular republicano.

Mark Jaws writes:

Forget my Don Marco shtick for a minute, which I hope you still appreciate—at least for an occasional drop-in.

I am speaking as a guy who knows that district well. It was lost because of the Charlottesville blacks and the University of VA crowd turned out in massive amounts to elect Obama. Now that blacks are complacent and white University of Virginia Democrats are disillusioned, these Obamistas could not give two shoots about this primary. For example, during the recent election for governor, this congressional district which went for Obama in 2008 reverted back to the GOP column by a margin of 60 percent. The blacks stayed home. My county, which Obama nearly won with 47 percent of the vote, went for the GOP candidate McDonnell with 67 percent of the vote. That is a considerable swing, made so when blacks sit home and conservative whites turn out in droves.

I agree with you that open primaries for presidential candidates are fraught with danger. However, I can assure you that at most 100 mischief-making Democrats will turn out and vote in the June GOP Primary. They are home bound until 2012.

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