A question to be asked

Bernard Goldberg of Fox News wrote this week at his blog:

We know about Trayvon Martin only because the man who shot him looks white. Actually, Zimmerman’s mother is Peruvian, which makes him half Hispanic, a fact you might not have known if you get your news from the usual places. That would only detract from the storyline: black kid shot by overzealous (and probably racist) white vigilante. For what it’s worth, the New York Times refers to him as a “white Hispanic,” a politically correct description to make sure we know Mr. Zimmerman is a white man — and not “a person of color.” You think the Times would call him a “white Hispanic” if he had won a Nobel Prize for curing cancer?

That’s very good.

In the column, Goldberg decries the double standard by which blacks go crazy over a rare accused white shooter of a black, while completely ignoring legions of black shooters of blacks. He made the same argument on O’Reilly the other night. He is to be commended for seeing the problem, but his mental model is too shallow and conventional to carry the argument all the way home. For one thing, he says nothing about black-on-white violence. For another, he entitles his blog article, “Trayvon Martin and Media Hypocrisy.” The use of that tired and irrelevant criticism shows a mind unready to grasp the nature and purposes of the left.

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