As immigration is to multiculturalism, democracy-spreading is to sharia

The mutation of the goal of spreading democracy into the reality of spreading sharia follows exactly the same pattern as the mutation of the open immigration of equal individuals into the ideology of multiculturalism.

In the case of immigration, as I explain here, America starting in 1965 allowed in people from every country and culture on earth, on the basis that a person’s cultural background doesn’t matter, only the equal rights of all persons as individuals matters. But because the people we were letting into America were not coming here as universal individuals, but as members of particular cultures, as soon as they were here in appreciable numbers, they started to manifest themselves as distinct cultural groups, not as universal individuals. But America, having already let all these people in, felt it had no choice but to turn around and recognize these cultural groups as cultural groups. Thus individual-rights immigration (right-liberalism) morphed into group-rights multiculturalism (left-liberalism), without anyone’s acknowledging that the former had led directly to the latter, and that we were getting the exact opposite of what we had thought we were getting, and that this was a catastrophe for our civilization, since we were now in the business of welcoming into our country alien cultures whose very presence meant the steady diminution and delegitimization of our culture.

The same is happening with our democracy-spreading efforts. President Bush and his neoconservative supporters justified spreading democracy to Iraq on the basis that all people are the same, all people want the same individual freedoms that we want, and therefore all people are ready and able to adopt liberal democracy based on universal individual rights. But the people to whom Bush was spreading this democracy were not universalist individuals, they were members of a very particular religion, a religion that makes the imposition of the totalitarian and anti-egalitarian sharia law a primary goal. So, as soon as Bush gave the Iraqis individual-rights democracy, they elected a national assembly that adopted a constitution in which sharia is the ultimate authority. But Bush and his supporters, having already committed themselves to Iraqi democracy, and thus having to accept whatever was chosen by the elected representatives of the Iraqi people, felt they had no choice but to turn around and support this sharia-based constitution. Thus the Bush/neocon crusade to spread individual-rights democracy has instantly morphed into a multicultural endorsement of Islamic sharia, without its promoters acknowledging that the former has led directly to the latter, and that they are getting the exact opposite of what they had thought they were getting, and that this is a catastrophe for our civilization, since we are now in the business of waging foreign wars and occupying foreign countries in order to set up sharia governments which are commanded by Allah to wage jihad against us.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 25, 2005 08:13 AM | Send

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