Unregenerate GOP groupies

It’s not often that I read the middle-aged male GOP groupies at Powerline, but my interest was caught by a piece of pure GOP groupieness by John Hinderaker about the GOP convention (“A Fantastic Night For the Cause of Freedom”) which was posted at Lucianne.com. In it, Hinderaker says, among other things:

Condoleezza Rice is a cerebral woman…

This comes from the same blogger who—literally—described every speech by President G.W. Bush as a “great” speech. So it’s no surprise that this courtier describes the shockingly unthinking, unreflective, non-self-questioning, self-adoring, “all human beings desire freedom”-cliché-spouting Rice as a “cerebral” woman. Even some neocons have long since turned against Rice, seeing her as the vain empty suit she is. Not the Powerline guys. They will go to their graves shamelessly sucking up to anyone and anything connected to the ruinous administration of G.W. Bush.

Also, speaking of Rice’s touted cerebral qualities, let us remember that Bush himself referred to her as his “brain.”

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