A new meaning of “Good Samaritan” that will drive liberals wild

KSTP in Minneapolis reports today:

Police: ‘Good Samaritan’ Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect

Minneapolis Police say a man who witnessed a 53-year-old woman being robbed and pistol-whipped, shot and killed her attacker.

Authorities say the armed robber confronted the woman in the parking lot of Cub Foods on the 2800 block of 26th Avenue South Thursday at about 10 p.m. The 23-year-old suspect allegedly took her purse and hit her in the head with his gun.

A man who witnessed the robbery chased the suspect and shot him. Investigators say they found his gun near where the shooting took place.

When police arrived, the witness told officers he had a permit to carry a gun and that he had shot the armed robbery suspect during a confrontation outside a nearby restaurant. He told officers where they could find his handgun. He was detained for questioning and was later released. Police say the man is a suspect in the criminal investigation, but they are strongly looking at this shooting as self defense. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office will decide if charges should be filed.

Police are working with businesses to get surveillance video. They are also talking to five witnesses who are listed on the police report.

Thursday’s shooting is the 29th homicide so far this year citywide. At this time last year there had been 38.

Robert B., who sent the item, writes:

This is why rage mobs aren’t going to go very far here and why the nation’s second largest state fair (Minnesota State Fair) had no such incidents. Minnesota is a “shall issue” conceal carry state.

Robert B reporting from beautiful Grand Marais Minnesota.

LA writes:

Unfortunately, this extraordinary story is almost devoid of the telling details that would paint a clear picture of what happened. That’s a problem with American journalism in general. It’s a more particular problem in stories dealing with black violence. And it’s an even more particular problem in stories about citizens using guns to defend themselves and strike back at criminals. The media just don’t want the public to have an idea of the efficacy of an armed citizenry in suppressing crime and defending innocent life.

As for the description of the man who killed the robber as a “good Samaritan,” that came from the police, not the media.

* * *

Here is a follow-up story from the Star Tribune:

Armed Mpls. citizen who said he killed robber attacking woman released
Updated: October 21, 2011—3:13 PM

A man is telling police that he interrupted an armed and violent robbery of a woman near a grocery store in south Minneapolis, chased down the 23-year-old suspect and fatally shot him behind a nearby restaurant during a confrontation.

The shooting occurred about 9:45 p.m. Thursday in the 2800 block of 26th Avenue S., police said Friday. Authorities have yet to release the identities of all those involved.

The shooter, who told officers that he has a permit to carry a firearm, was detained by police for questioning and then released, Sgt. William Palmer late Friday morning.

“My understanding is that the [shooter] does” indeed have the proper gun permit, Palmer said. “I’m sure the investigators will check that.”

Given that a death is involved, Palmer said he expects that a grand jury will review the circumstances and rule on whether a crime may have been committed.

When it comes to armed citizens intervening in unfolding crimes, the sergeant said “that’s really a personal decision.”

At the time citizens get their permit to carry a gun, “they are told what the limits are, what their liabilities are and what their authority is or is not.

“They need to evaluate the situation like [police] would,” he added. “The permit is designed for self-defense.”

According to police:

A caller to 911 said a woman had just been robbed at gunpoint of her purse and pistol-whipped in the head in the parking lot of the Cub Foods in the 2800 block of 26th Avenue S.

Information from a second 911 call indicated that a man had been shot behind the Super Grand Buffett in the same block. Officers and emergency medical personnel responded and found the mortally wounded man.

Officers were approached by another man outside the grocery store who said he witnessed the robbery and assault, chased the suspect to behind the restaurant and shot him during a confrontation. The man then directed officers to the weapon.

The robbery victim, 53, suffered a cut to the head in an injury that police described as not serious.

Officers located another handgun believed to belong to the suspect near where the shooting occurred.

Andrew Rothman, a Twin Cities firearms trainer and vice president of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, said Friday afternoon that if the events unfolded as the armed citizen described, “the permit holder acted appropriately. Chasing the mugger to recover the purse or to effect a citizen’s arrest is permitted by law.”

And, Rothman continued, if the suspect “then escalated by pointing and/or shooting at the good Samaritan, the good Samaritan would have been completely justified in shooting.”

October 22

Here is a followup sent by Robert B. The name of the slain robber is Darren Evanovich.

Authorities ID 23-Year-Old Killed After Mpls Robbery
Story posted 2011.10.21 at 10:47 PM CDT

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office says the man who was shot to death after a failed armed robbery attempt in Minneapolis Thursday night is 23-year-old Darren Evanovich.

Police say Evanovich pistol-whipped a middle-aged woman in the parking lot of Cub Foods at Lake Street and 26th Avenue, in an attempt to steal her purse. They then say another shopper who was passing by intervened and pursued Evanovich.

According to Sgt. Stephen McCarty, “While chasing him, guns were drawn by both parties, shots were fired, and the witness or good samaritan, if you will, shot the suspect in the robbery.”

McCarty said the shooter, who has not been identified, had a legal permit to carry the gun he used in the shooting. He said an investigation was underway to determine if the shooting was in self defense. The shooter was only questioned and not arrested.

“Oh wow,” said Therese Papasodora, a shocked shopper who stopped to talk with 5Eyewitness News in the same parking lot on Friday. Her sister Tara added, approvingly, “It was meant to happen. I mean, if he had a permit, why not?

Another shopper, Al Watkins, chimed in, “I think I’d do the same thing. I mean, you can’t be afraid of people who are going to go out and do wrong. Someone has to stand up to guys and not be afraid.”

McCarty, however, warned, “we do not want people with guns, even if they’re carrying them legally with a permit, to be shooting at people.”

“This was bound to happen,” said Andrew Rothman, the vice president of the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. “It’s perfectly legal to assist somebody else to prevent a crime from being committed. And that’s apparently what this good samaritan did.”

Since 2003 in Minnesota, anyone who passes a criminal background test, a mental health check, a classroom law study, and a shooting exercise will be granted a permit to carry a gun—unless they have a felony record or a history of domestic abuse. They can then carry their gun pretty much anywhere, except in courtrooms, correctional facilities, businesses that post exclusionary rules, and at airport security check points. There are currently more than 88,350 Minnesotans with legal permits.

“It shows that while people recognize police do a terrific job, ” Rothman said, “they cannot be everywhere, every time. And when seconds count, police are usually minutes away.”

Story posted 2011.10.21 at 10:47 PM CDT

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