An anti-anti-Semitic blogger announces that he is removing the first “anti”

Last November I welcomed the blogger Cesar Tort’s useful coinage, “non-anti-Semitic white nationalism,” in the masthead of his blog, The West’s Darkest Hour. Cesar (a.k.a. Chechar) has also written enthusiastically about my ideas. In e-mails, Cesar told me that he was new to this whole area and that his views were evolving rapidly. Indeed they are evolving rapidly. So rapidly that, on the basis of a single phrase by a blogger concerning the Jews, Cesar announces (“A lightning in the middle of the night!”) that he has seen the light and realizes that anti-Semitism is the correct position after all. Relying on the authority of the anti-Semite Tanstaafl, whom he describes as “a serious critic of the Jewish influence in the West,” Cesar informs his readers that if his newly minted anti-Semitic revelation is not refuted by next month, he will remove the phrase “non-anti-Semitic” from his masthead, and, like Big Brother changing all published references to a war with Eastasia to a war with Eurasia, he will post a note

in all of my previous entries where the Jewish question is mentioned, something like:

Postscript of March 2010: I no longer believe in the “anti-anti-Semitic” opinions expressed herein (note the two anti).

- end of initial entry -

At the time of my response to Cesar Tort’s “non-anti-Semitic white nationalism” masthead last November a reader sent a comment critical of Cesar which I posted and replied to, and then, on the reader’s request, I removed his comment. The same reader has now reminded me of that comment and given me permission to post it, so here it is, plus two further e-mails that were part of the same exchange:

The reader wrote:

I spent some time on his blog. I would keep my distance. He may be brilliant and correct on important issues, but my goodness, no judgment or dignity. Did you read his lengthy posts on how much he despised the leftist woman he was sponging off of for months and months? The amount of time he gives to Conservative Swede also testifies to poor judgment, not to mention crowing over being noticed by white nationalist anti-Semites.

I don’t think embracing non-anti-Semitic white nationalism is any big deal. What we need to do is apply sober judgment, not another ism. Still, flags are necessary and useful, and if that’s all isms are, so be it.

I replied:

Thank you for this. I’ve posted it. I did get him last year to write a readable 600 word summary of his 26,000 word post of Conservative Swede’s discourses at Gates of Vienna. So he seemed rational.

I don’t know his site. The reason I posted this was his masthead credo. I found that impressive and hopeful.

The reader replied:

I wouldn’t have posted my comments, sorry I didn’t specify that. More of a comment to you personally.

* * *

Cesar Tort writes:

I won’t comment here about how the GoV thread about the Jewish question changed my mind on anti-Semitism. I will let your readers judge for themselves. However, about the comment—

“Did you read his lengthy posts on how much he despised the leftist woman he was sponging off of for months and months?”

—your reader could have linked my long essay about this woman who hates the West. It seems that your reader missed my point. Had I wanted a personal vendetta I could easily have added her last name in my essay. I didn’t. If I psychoanalyzed her it’s because it illustrates Oliver Sack’s point about how mere “left-hemisphere” studies miss half of their subject-matter. This woman confessed to me that she loves Muslim immigration into her native Spain in order to crush Christianity, which she abhors. The irony in my long essay on her is that I, a secular person, want to preserve Christianity in Spain. Your readers could take a look at the Sacks section of my essay to know what do I mean. Since it’s a long essay, those who want to skip most of it may go straight to the final section “Teresa ends up in the Fruit Cake Hospital.”

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