Liberalism reveals itself

I have been saying for a long time that the true end of liberalism is a world in which all historic and natural forms of social cohesion, ranging from the family to the church to the nation to the civilization, will have been effectively dissolved, and humanity reduced to six billion radically free selves with no moral or political authority over them except that of a single, global government.

Now the head of Britain’s Liberal Party, Nick Clegg, has explicitly adopted that nightmare program, as discussed by Mark Richardson at Oz Conservative. This is good. It’s good for liberals to spell out what they really believe and what they really desire, instead of perpetually moving toward it sideways while denying that they are doing so.

Suppose, for example, that the leaders and supporters of the EU came out and plainly said that the purpose of the EU is to eliminate the sovereignty of all the nations of Europe and put 350 million Europeans under a tyrannical bureaucratic state in which Islam will play a leading role.

Suppose the Democrats in the U.S. came out and plainly said that their healthcare scheme is just a transitional step to get to the real goal, socialized medicine, and that they are now going to drop the false front and start crusading openly for socialized medicine.

Suppose that all supporters of America’s current immigration policies, both liberals and “conservatives”* came out and plainly said that the consequence of our existing policy is to turn America into a nonwhite society in which whites will become a smaller and smaller minority, ultimately declining to the 20 percent besieged minority status of South Africa’s whites. Suppose that all the elites of the West came out and admitted that the inevitable end of the immigration and cultural policies they support is the disappearance from history of the white race, its nations, its common civilization, its entire history and heritage.

Liberals never say such things, because they know that they aims would be unacceptable to most people if stated baldly as I have stated them here. Clegg, a liberal extremist, should be congratulated for being an honest liberal extremist.


*The GOP hack extraordinaire, Hugh Hewitt, in a three hour interview on CPAN this evening, said that the Republicans have lost the last two elections because they are perceived as being anti-immigrant. Apparently Hewitt hasn’t noticed that the ultimate open borders champion, John McCain, lost 69 percent of the Hispanic vote.

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