The conclusion of the summit

According to Greg Sargent at Who Runs Gov, Obama’s concluding remarks at the summit made it clear that he is now going to move ahead on reconciliation. Sargent writes:

This summit was always about laying the groundwork for Dems to go forward alone, barring a major capitulation from Republicans. As noted here repeatedly, Dems will find themselves in exactly the same position tomorrow as they did yesterday: Confronting the enormously difficult task of passing ambitious reform on their own.

Along similar lines, Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal writes:

We now interrupt our previously scheduled health-care summit drama to take the nation back to the day after Scott Brown’s Massachusetts’s victory. Hoopla aside, the programming remains the same.

That says it all. As has been pointed out repeatedly over the last five weeks, the Democrats cannot pass their ever loving health care bill. If they had been able to pass it, they would have passed it. But they cannot give up on it. So they keep trying ever new variations on the same unchanging situation to make it appear that they have a way to pass it. Based on their course of conduct, and based on the lunatic statements of leftist columnists urging them to “ram it through,” I think that the Democrats are approaching the Nihilism of Destruction. Rather than admit defeat on this issue, they would prefer to destroy themselves—not to mention America.

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