On the shooting

The New York Daily News update of 12:18, which said that no one but the shooter was dead, and which contradicted earlier stories speaking of many dead, was wildly wrong.

I’ve been away from my computer since 1 p.m. Wherever I’ve been around a TV, with the cable stations going continually, the story has been solely about the victims, not about the crime and what the killer did and how he did it.

James N. sent this at 3 p.m.:

Let me predict that Adam Lanza was known to be crazy, made other people afraid, was known to the authorities, and that no one did anything about it.

At 7:00 James sent a followup:
Police told Fox News he had “behavioral disabilities.”

In other words, he was known to be a dangerous crazy person who would have been locked up, except we don’t do that anymore.

Also, a conservative friend said to me that she’s starting to think that something has to be done about guns. But I heard a few minutes ago on Fox that the three guns the killer used were all owned legally by his mother. Which made my point for me: the only type of gun control that could have stopped such a crime would be the outlawing and confiscation of every privately owned gun in America.

Meanwhile, the entire country takes for granted demonically evil and violent entertainment. It takes for granted—when it’s not applauding—movie stars who declare on national television that they enjoyed killing white people in their latest movie. At the same time, people assume that their lives in America is middle-class, normal, and safe. The disconnect is radical, apparently incurable. We have a society in which there are no moral norms (except for the tyrannical and inverted “norms” of politically correctness), yet we are always shocked when someone puts into practice the idea that there are no norms.

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