Pim Fortuyn speaks

(Note: Canadian activist Bjorn Larsen thinks I’m being too pessimistic about the amount of Fortuyn-like resistance to Islam in Europe.)

The Dutch blogger Snouck Hurgronje writes:

Two bloggers, Vlad Tepes and VH, have translated and subtitled and published at GoV a video that was taken during “the night of Fortuyn.” This was when the board of Leefbaar Nederland, the party which had appointed Pim Fortuyn as their leader, launched a coup against him for opposing Islamization and mass immigration. During negotiations to mend the rift Mr. Fortuyn at some point exploded and revealed his motives and his emotion behind his opposition to Islamization. Variants of this clip were widely circulated amongst the Dutch. This clip indicates the mood of a significant part of the European public. My own take on it is here.

LA replies:

In the video we see Fortuyn speaking, not as the witty and outrageous libertine, but as a man who is full of righteous anger at the fact that the Dutch are letting hostile supremacist Muslims take over their country, and who will not take it any more.

Snouck says the clip reflects the mood of a significant part of the European public. I sadly disagree. No one EVER sees such ideas and feelings being expressed in public in Europe. If such ideas and feelings were being expressed by a significant part of the European public, Europe would be a different continent from what it now is, and would be on the path to saving itself, instead of being on the path to Islamization and death.

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Cesar Tort writes:

You wrote: “No one EVER sees such ideas and feelings being expressed in public in Europe…. ”

I told you in my most recent e-mail: present-day Europeans are eunuchs. Oriana Fallaci was the first European to notice it.

A woman …

Bjorn Larsen writes:

You are correct that Pim’s message is not spoken by a great part of the European public, however you cannot deny that the message is being pushed, in various shapes and forms, by the so-called “fringe” parties, such as Denmark’s People’s Party, Holland’s Party for Freedom, Switzerland’s People’s Party, England’s UKIP, and others. And if these parties’ votes demonstrate anything, it must be that a portion of the electorate identifies with these messages. Snouck does not suggest that the masses are speaking out, only that a “mood” exists.

Does this mean that the clip ” … indicates the mood of a significant part of the European public”? Pim certainly seemed to believe so, and his votes were substantial. Those of us currently engaged in this battle also believe so. We further believe that this significant part of the European public can be activated and mobilized in sufficient numbers to make a difference in the electoral process in many European countries. Ditto for North America.

Brave new ideological and practical leadership, organization, funding, local and national community organizing (non-Alinsky model!), hard work—all are required to make serious change happen. We are facing a 15-20 year struggle. But as Wilders himself keeps repeating, “Never give up. Never give in. Never surrender”—this should become our mantra. With a few Wilders in various countries and Allen West in the U.S. Congress, we may have a chance to recover our societies.

LA replies:

Perhaps you are right, and I wasn’t giving enough credit to the anti-Islamization parties and figures. But there was something about Fortuyn’s way of talking in this clip that, apart from Wilders, I felt I have not seen in Europe. He wasn’t just complaining or warning about Islamization, or even, as Wilders has been doing, talking about what needs to be done about it. He was saying, “We’re not going to take this any more.” There was a sound of determination in his voice. And that is what is needed.

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