Black Spider-Man

Karl D. writes:

First Superman gave up his American citizenship. Now the new Spider-Man is half black and half Hispanic. He could also be made a homosexual in the future. The next logical step is to do away with crime fighting altogether and have all superheroes go after “social injustice.” I am really glad I grew when I did.

LA replies:

I think this is an overreaction. What does it matter? First, Spider-Man / Peter Parker was always an alienated, creepy kind of guy, right? So a white weirdo is being replaced by a black. Where’s the loss to any positive value connected with whiteness? Notice also how the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, has that stereotypically hurt, wounded, victimological look on his face:


It’s not a white hero being replaced by a black hero, but a white loser being replaced by a black loser. So again, where’s the loss? Yes, of course, there are significant, harmful “racial replacements” being engineered in our culture all the time. But I don’t think that this is one of them.

Second, it appears that Peter Parker still lives in the Marvel comic series; it’s only in the “Ultimates” series, representing a parallel universe, where Parker has died and been replaced by Miles Morales.

Finally, I’ve heard that the plot line in which Superman gives up his citizenship was dropped by DC, as result of negative response from fans. Nothing in the comic book world, with its constant detours into alternate realities, is permanent. Let’s get upset by things that matter, not things that don’t matter.

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Randy B. writes:

I personally believe the Spider-Man issue is a critical point. This is yet another blatant attempt at identity theft by blacks, revisionists, or black apologists.

We are turning a blind eye to the theft of our culture, or religion, and our identity. We also seem to take the criminalization of the white race in stride, like Goofy walking through the Briar Patch. Yes, I know it was not Goofy, but the analogy stands: a big footed unaware dope (white people), stumbling through the Briar Patch (the Multicultural agenda).

August 4

Paul T. writes:

Karl D. may really be on to something here—something pitchable, I mean. Instead of the Fantastic Four, how about the Egalitarian Eight, a team of UN weapons inspectors who, following exposure to radiation (from Tehran?) are turned into um, super-community-organizers? How about Sgt. Flurry and his Rainbow Commandos? (Instead of “Wah-hoo!”, the battle cry could be “Yoo-hoo!”). I’m writing Stan Lee right away….

Paul Kersey writes:

I have to disagree with you on Spider-Man. The three Spider-Man movies have grossed massive amounts of money.

I actually believe having a non-white Spider-Man makes sense though, since almost all of the crime in NYC is committed by Hispanics and Blacks. White guys can’t be fighting these criminals and be classified as heroes. They’d be persecuted relentlessly in the media as racists for trying to stop minority crime and keeping the city safe.

To get the point across about how popular Spider-Man is, Hollywood is rebooting the franchise even though the last movie (which came out in ‘07) was the highest grossing worldwide.

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