Is there an American people as distinct from the United States of America?

A few days ago I posted a comment at The Thinking Housewife in which I said that America is so far gone that it is too late for us to be Solzhenitsyn-type dissidents. The thread quickly became a debate on whether there is an American people as distinct from the United States, with particular emphasis on pre-Revolutionary America. After initially staying away from the debate because I found it too difficult to follow, and also I wasn’t sure of its relevance, over the last couple of days I’ve been participating in it. I’ve been arguing that in the Colonial period, the people of the thirteen colonies shared a common ethnic, cultural, and moral substance, but that they did not articulate themselves as a single people until the Declaration of Independence. Some commenters think this means that I am promoting the Propositional Nation, necessitating further clarifications. It’s not yet clear to me what the discussion has to do with our current challenge, which is that we no longer believe in the now irredeemably leftist United States and seek to create a new society.

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Terry Morris writes:

If there is indeed an American people as distinct from the U.S.A., where would we find them? That’s what I would like to know. ;-)

LA replies:


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