What blacks would be like if it weren’t for white racism

Chuck Rudd of Gucci Little Piggy writes:

I wanted to draw your attention to a song released by hip hop artist Wyclef Jean titled “Justice for Trayvon.” In the song, Jean sings that Martin could have been the president or Steve Jobs or an astronaut. I immediately thought of Dylan’s “Hurricane” in which Dylan sings that boxer Ruben Carter, if he hadn’t been convicted of murder, “could have been the champion of the world.”

Dylan’s song is vastly superior, artistically, to Wyclef’s, but it still expresses the utopian unconstrained vision of the world. Trayvon Martin didn’t have the chops to be president or an astronaut; besides his probable lack of the raw brain power (which is true of most of us), he seemed mostly concerned with having sex and doing drugs. Dylan also used this tactic to build up the notion that these tragedies limited the potential of these sympathy-deserving characters. Dylan sang of Carter potentially being the champion of the world, but he finished his career in 1966 with a 27-12 record—not title-holder material.

I know you like Dylan so I thought you might enjoy the parallel.

LA replies:

That’s something. From time to time, when walking in New York, and seeing some black bum, I will say jokingly to whomever I’m with, “Racial prejudice is such a terrible thing. If it weren’t for white racism, that guy would be a physicist, or a lawyer, or the head of General Motors.”

But now it turns out that there are liberals and blacks who actually believe that.

Also, regarding Trayvon’s intellectual abilities, if you read his Twitter messages, you will see someone of low intelligence who is obviously not capable of college work, let alone of heading a computer company or being an astronaut or president. But the liberals actually believe that blacks’ lower abilities, lower academic performance, lower income etc. is caused by white racism. I was just talking yesterday with a liberal acquaintance who believes that. I was telling him about the anti-white racism billboard campaign in Duluth (by coincidence, Bob Dylan’s home town), which says that white people’s racist attitudes keep blacks down, and he said he agreed with that.

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