Obama to resign U.S. presidency for higher office

No sooner had Obama recovered from the surprise and pleasure of the news from Oslo, that he received a far higher summons than being Nobel Peace Prize laureate or President of the United States or even President of the World. He has been named Galactic Overlord, and accordingly has announced that he will will soon be resigning the office of President and leaving Planet Earth to take up his new duties at the Galactic Headquarters on the fourth planet of Alpha Centauri.

Steve Sailer has posted Obama’s typically humble acceptance speech.

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Tim W. writes:

There’s an old joke (which I’m sure you’ve heard) about the end of the world, and how the New York Times would report it: “World to End Tomorrow. Women, Minorities to Suffer Most.”

If intelligent life were discovered in another galaxy, the Times headline would read: “Intelligent Life Discovered in Nearby Galaxy. Intergalactic Government Seen as a Necessity.”

And Obama, of course, would be the perfect Overlord. On the other hand, he’s human, and the Times might feel a need to defer to the newly discovered alien species.

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