More on DSK and his Jewish Socialist defenders

Tiberge at Galliawatch writes:

Some of you may find this post objectionable because of the language and a faint odor of anti-Semitism. I found it very funny, and sincerely hope that anti-Semitism does not become an issue in this affair, although it is not possible to avoid certain facts. The man at the center of it all is Jewish, but more than that, his most ardent supporters, the ones who immediately came to his rescue—Bernard-Henri Lévy, Jean-François Kahn, Jack Lang, Robert Badinter—are also Jewish. They are the faces seen nightly on French television. Theirs is the liberal policy of open borders, sexual liberty, globalism, anti-nationalism, multiculturalism, etc … All the evils we perceive as destroying the French nation, they perceive as good things BECAUSE they are destroying the French nation. In the longstanding tradition of François Mitterrand, the nation is the greatest evil; progress (i.e., Socialism) the greatest good. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a good Socialist.

See the rest here.

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