Federal judge makes a political decision following the president’s political line

There is a lot at The Corner on U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s decision against Arizona SB 1070. Here is Andrew McCarthy. Here is Heather Mac Donald. Here is Mark Krikorian. Here is Peter Kirsanow. Here is Mark Levin.

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Jeremy G. writes:

A normal (non-liberal) society would impeach this judge. But the left would never allow it and they have the power to stop any attempt to do so. So we’re stuck with them. There is no way to get rid of them unless there is a revolution. But what are the people of Arizona to do in the meantime to protect themselves?

LA replies:

They could go ahead and defy the judge and put the law into effect.

But that’s tough, because it wouldn’t just involve the act of a single defiant state official, the governor, like George Wallace standing in the school house door. It would involve thousands of state and local police officers. It would mean telling those officers to defy a federal judge.

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