The surreal ascendancy of homosexualism

I just came upon an exchange between Roland D. and me from December 2010 that was never posted.

He sent a New York Times article with this note:

Homosexual soccer lobby 1, Islam 0.

I replied:

Homosexual soccer? Do we live in such a world?

Did He who made the Lamb make … Homosexual Soccer?

Here is the article Roland sent:

December 17, 2010
Blatter Apologizes for Comments About Gay Sex

Days after he said gay soccer fans planning to attend the 2022 World Cup in Qatar should abstain from sex because of that country’s antigay laws, Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, apologized.

“It was not my intention and never will be my intention to go into any discrimination,” Blatter said in Abu Dhabi, where the Club World Cup final will be played Saturday. “This is exactly what we are against. If somebody feels that they have been hurt, then I regret and present apologies.”

In South Africa earlier this week, Blatter, sitting next to President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, a polygamist, responded to a reporter’s question by saying gay fans should “should refrain from any sexual activities” while in Qatar for the World Cup. (Video of Blatter’s remarks.) Blatter offered his apology after international criticism of his comments.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

When I originally responded to Roland’s e-mail, I had only seen what he had written in it, not read the New York Times story he had linked. The story is not about homosexual soccer, but about homosexual soccer fans and, in his words, a homosexual soccer lobby. But it seems that if homosexual soccer fans are such a big issue that the world’s top soccer official commented critically about them (saying that they should stay out of trouble in a Muslim country by not violating that country’s laws against homosexual conduct) and got in trouble for his “dscriminatory” comment and felt compelled to retract it, it means that the game itself has a significant homosexual aspect or contingent.

And the title of the entry also stands. That it is now unacceptable to counsel homosexual soccer fans attending a soccer match in a Muslim country to avoid trouble with that country’s laws by avoiding homosexual conduct there shows how non-discrimination against homosexuals (and against all “discriminated against” groups) trumps all other considerations. We live in the Black-Run West, the Woman-Run West, the Islam-Run West, and the Homosexual-Run West. And when, as in the present case, there is a conflict between Islamic rule and Homosexual rule (or between Black rule and Homosexual rule, as seen by how black athletes have gotten in trouble by making remarks critical of homosexuality), Homosexual rule wins out. This is the surreal ascendancy of homosexualism.

But that, I would add, is only for the short to medium term. As I have suggested, the West’s ongoing accommodation and surrender to Islam will lead ultimately to a point where Islam gains decisive power in Western society, and then both the traditional West (or what remains of it) and the modern liberal West, including homosexualism and women’s empowerment, will be subdued under the power of Islam. I have also said that at a certain point, Western leftists will willingly submit themselves to Islamic rule.

May 11

Roland D. replies:

I concur with your extended remarks on the meaning of the story.

James P. writes:

To state “Homosexual soccer lobby 1, Islam 0” is not quite correct. The loser in the soccer contretemps was not Islam, but Sepp Blatter’s opinion of how homosexuals should behave in Islamic countries. Note that Sepp Blatter did not criticize Islam or Qatar - he must value his head! - only himself for daring to express the common-sense opinion that people should obey the law in a foreign country. Thus the score is Homosexual soccer lobby 1, Sepp Blatter 0, or perhaps Homosexual soccer lobby 1, common sense 0.

Islam’s attitude towards homosexuality remains unchanged. In Qatar, homosexual acts are forbidden and, it goes without saying, there is no legal recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnership benefits. Thus the score in the game of “LGBT Rights in Qatar” remains Qatar 1, Homosexualism 0, unless and until Qatar chooses to accommodate the “rights” of homosexuals to violate Qatar’s laws.

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