Lisa Murkowski, the epitome of the entitled pol

James P. sends this unbelievable story from the Washington Post:

Murkowski says GOP leaders turned backs on her

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Monday she feels that Republican leaders have turned their backs on her as she mounts a write-in bid to try to hold onto her seat. [James P. replies: Hello, you lost the primary! They’re supposed to turn their backs on you!]

Murkowski, who lost last month’s GOP primary to tea party-supported Joe Miller, told The Associated Press that she understands this, though: GOP leaders are “committed to a process that is pretty absolute.” [James P.: That’s what elections are for! They have a winner and a loser!]

“You’ve got a situation where people are, they’re counting numbers. And if it’s a Republican body, that’s the body we want,” she said in an interview from Anchorage. “Here in Alaska, what I hear so often is, ‘I vote for the individual. I look at the person, I don’t really get myself tied into the party label.’” [James P.: What is an election but counting numbers? What is a party primary but an effort to determine who should wear the party label?

What an evil, repulsive, narcissistic creature!]

LA replies:

Incredible. I never knew anything about her. But her behavior since the primary election is the epitome of the ego-mad, entitled elite that the Tea Party has risen up against. She lost her party’s primary, so, for no other reason than that she can’t stand the thought of being out of office, she runs a write-in campaign against the person who beat her fair and square for her party’s nomination, while she suddenly denounces the very idea of the party label that she herself was seeking just a month ago.

It reminds you of the saying that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms of government. It’s only democracy—real elections—that can drive an encrusted narcissist like this out of office.

Murkowski is to politics what the alligator is to evolution. They say that the alligator hasn’t evolved in tens of millions of years. It refuses to change. It just hangs out, barely moving, gazing suspiciously at the world from its armored, submarine body, only its eyes and the top of its head showing above the water line. Finally it just has to be chased away. And only democracy can do that.

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