What happened to the bus tour?

I just realized, there’s been no news about Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour for the last week. So I guess it’s already over. When did it end? All we heard was that it started in Washington, D.C. on May 29, then she visited the Gettysburg battlefield, then she stopped in Manhattan to have pizza in Times Square with Donald Trump, then she went to Massachusetts and said something about Paul Revere, which was on June 2. That was it? Apparently so. By June 5 she was in her Arizona home being interviewed by Chris Wallace.

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Robert W. writes:

Was someone thrown under the bus?

David H. writes:

I have heard that she is going to do several stages,next stop may be Iowa. By the way, that quote in Politico about what Sarah said about Bachmann was totally bogus and they had to correct the story. Who would of thought the media would make stuff up?

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