Dear Laura

Replying to a reader who wonders how to get her “beta” provider husband to assume a more “alpha” role, Laura Wood shows that she is not just a traditionalist thinker, but a traditionalist advice columnist.

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Karl D. writes:

This reminded me of your post from several days ago about the new Jennifer Lopez movie and the message the film poster sends. Last night on the popular TV show called “House” we find a female patient ( a typical modern women. A feminist archetype) married with a six year old child and in an open marriage. She “has it all”. The opening scene is of the husband coming into the room to talk about their daughter as the wife is rolling around in bed with her young boy-toy. He sheepishly shakes hands with the young stud and takes his leave. Upon doing so she doubles over in pain and calls not for the boy-toy, but the husband who comes dutifully running to her side like Lassie. Later we come to find out that the husband has not been sleeping with any other women even though he has full permission to do so. He has no interest due to his selfless and undying love of his wife. He merely gave into the open marriage scheme because above all else he wanted his wife to be happy. So is this it? Is this what the modern feminist wants? Is this the ideal man, the Howard Roark of the 21st century?

LA replies:

Is “House” a dramatic series?

Karl replies:

Yes. He (House) is a grumpy doctor played by the English actor Hugh Laurie. Whom I might add does a flawless American accent.

Carol Iannone writes:

More and more men are being portrayed as accessories to women’s lives

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