Romney’s economic plan

Given that the overwhelming issue now is the economy, and that Romney speaks intelligently and clearly, not in slogans, about economic matters, and that he has just released a detailed plan to get the economy going again which is the opposite of everything Obama has done, and further given that presidents are typically succeeded by candidates who are their opposite, we’d have to say that Romney is well situated to win the nomination and the election.

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Robert T. writes:

There is nothing in Romney’s list significantly different from what a thousand others having been saying about improving the economy. None of his 59 points stand out. Two or three major initiatives will have made an impact, not this scattershot approach. In the aggregate they offer nothing that hasn’t been suggested or tried. He came out a day earlier with his own economic strategy than Obama’s planned speech and I don’t see it making much of a splash anywhere. He’ll always be a second-place type finisher. He doesn’t have it in him to close the Perry gap as it is now. And should Palin join the race, Romney will slide into third place. he simply is not a homerun hitter.

JC from Houston writes:

Romney also proposed INCREASING H1B visas, a program that business loves because they can bring in foreigners to work at lower wage rates. How is that helping the job prospects for Americans? Bachmann is the only one of the bunch with a decent position on immigration.

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