How to stop an armed robbery

Armed man in white shoots armed man in hoodie

Sent by Sage McLaughlin, here is the video, from three angles, of the “armed robbery gone right” described in yesterday’s post, “In America, the black man just can’t catch a break, even when he’s trying to make an honest living as an armed robber.” The entry concerned the Ocala Star-Banner’s sympathetic interview with one of the robbers who complained that the man who had broken up the robbery with his handgun had shot him, the robber, when he was down. In other words, when you confront an armed robber, and he falls, you’re supposed to assume that he is no longer dangerous, even though he’s still armed.

The video, from security cameras, shows the hold-up men in Trayvon Martin-type hoodies charging into the internet café and pointing their guns at the customers. Then a white man with a handgun, wearing white shorts, white shirt, white hat (what is this, a modern cowboy movie?), white socks, and white sneakers comes running out firing at them, and they flee as he continues firing.

This video would be a good test of people’s political and moral beliefs. Show it to a person and ask him what he thinks of it. If he objects to the man firing at the robbers, then we have a bona fide liberal who calls good bad, the left’s unforgivable sin.

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Paul K. writes:

I found the video inspiring. The robbers burst into the cafe, shouting commands and brandishing weapons. One smashes a computer monitor with his baseball bat. As others cower, Samuel Williams, a 71-year-old man—and I stress MAN!—springs into action, draws his pistol and fires on the robbers, advancing on them like Audie Murphy storming an enemy position. Williams is armed with a .380 automatic, generally considered inadequate for self-defense, but the speed and ferocity of his counterattack utterly unnerves the robbers, who fall all over themselves in their desperation to escape.

If something like this happened ten times a day this would instantly be a better country.

In Ireland in 1811, there was a noted incident in which a man named John Purcell (who coincidentally was also 71 years old), armed only with a knife, drove off a band of home invaders, killing three. At the inquest, the judge said, “I believe that the killing of one assailant, in valiant self defense, has more effect upon evildoers than the capital execution of a dozen criminals.”

That’s an astute observation. Can you imagine an official in any Western nation saying anything like that today?

Gintas writes:

Here is the liberal version of “How to Stop an Armed Robbery.” It’s entitled, “How to Suppress Social Justice”:

Step 1. Be a racist.

Step 2. Buy a gun in the hopes of a chance to kill blacks.

Step 3. Hang out at a place where needy child-like blacks are likely to promote the values of Marxist Social Justice.

Step 4. Start shooting at blacks who meander randomly into your field of fire.

Lois W. writes:

Thanks for posting this. It made an otherwise blisteringly hot Florida day a lot easier to bear.

A little synchronicity: I noticed one comment under the video which made me chuckle:

My grandpa carries 3 guns on him at all times. He’s got a license to conceal and carry. He’s a decorated veteran of Vietnam. Seriously … you don’t want to screw with old people. They’re a lot tougher than young people these days.

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