Based on his photographs, I think there is very little likelihood that the Socialist candidate François Hollande will be elected as president of France. The man is so wimpy and recessive he makes Woody Allen look like Arnold Schwartzenegger.


But maybe I’m wrong. The winner of a presidential election tends to be the candidate who best captures the spirit of his time. And who better captures the spirit of our time than Hollande, the passive, nondescript white man surrounded by hulking blacks?

(See also the campaign video of Hollande’s visit to a black neighborhood.)

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Tiberge of Galliawatch writes:

They say Hollande is afraid of the camera and has refused to debate Sarkozy except for the one debate scheduled for May 1. He reads his lines and has trouble with any kind of improvising.

He is the father of four by Ségolène Royal, and now lives with a woman named Valérie Trierweiler, whom some call the Rottweiler. You can see a picture of her here.

A reader tells me that big business favors Sarkozy, but Le Figaro tells me that upper management favors Hollande. I think Marine will have a much easier time demolishing Hollande than Sarkozy, who steals her best ideas.

LA replies:

The fetching but not overly bright Ségolène lived with and had four children with this nebbish?

LA continues:

At the above-linked entry I summed up the Socialist position in 2007:

[T]he essence of Ségolène’s New France is: a country of mixed-race people born out of wedlock, living under increasingly Islamo-centric institutions, and presided over by an omnicompetent state that will meet all their needs.

Tiberge writes:

One topic I must try to cover is the mobilized support for Hollande by the Muslims. This was true in the first round, and it will be an important factor in the second. This is the reason why so many who voted for Marine are now thinking that Sarkozy is the lesser evil.

On May 1, there will be a big rally in Paris around the theme of Joan of Arc. This is an annual event of the National Front. This year, the fact that it’s happening between the two rounds makes it more exciting, and the fact that Marine Le Pen is expected to give voting instructions to her constituents. It’s not impossible that she will tell them to vote for Sarkozy, but so far she has insisted she will not do that.

It is also important to realize that in the legislative elections that will be held in June, if a candidate from the National Front opposes a Socialist, the instruction from Sarkozy’s camp is to vote for the Socialist.

In other words, in the presidential, Hollande has a big boost from Muslims and other immigrants. In the legislative elections, the Socialists will have a big boost from Sarkozy’s UMP party.

Brett A. writes:

Your post about Hollande reminded me of a movie I saw recently titled District 13. In this French movie the protagonist is a French police officer who works undercover against criminal gangs. The bad guys are French racists who want to wipe out the immigrants in District 13. The whole movie is a glorification of the non-white, but the end is a lot like your description of the French president. He is some small wimpy guy in a room with a bunch of angry immigrants who, purely in their own self-interest have prevented District 13 from being destroyed. Wimp-man goes into a long spiel about how they are the future of France etc. He fits your description of Hollande almost perfectly. Wikipedia link about the movie.

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