Female ego running amuck ruins debate


Joseph Curl at the Washington Times does a good job of capturing Candy Crowley’s instrusive and disastrous performance as debate moderator. This too large, too loud, too long-haired, self-important woman made herself the main feature of the evening, repeatedly preventing needed exchanges from occurring, repeatedly preventing Romney from responding to Obama’s points so that she could go on to the next questioner. And that’s not even counting her unbelievable step of taking over the floor to side with Obama on the question of whether he called the Benghazi attack “terror.” I’m no fan of Jim Lehrer’s, but compare his skillful, unobtrusive, totally professional moderating of the first debate two weeks ago. He saw his job as facilitating the debate. Crowley saw her job as interfering in the debate.

How often have I said it? When you put a man in a prominent public position, his focus is on the doing the job. When you put a female in a prominent public position,—especially in contemporary feminist society where women in high positions are no longer guided by a traditional male ethos—her focus is on herself.

And by the way, the event was billed as the first time a woman was sole moderator of a presidential debate. Let’s hope that Crowley’s performance assures it’s the last.

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