How is an officially homosexual U.S. military going to win the hearts and minds of Muslims? Have the neocons thought about that?

The blogger at The Observatorium, after quoting one of my articles on the homosexualization of the military (which everyone falsely calls the “repeal of DADT”), continues:

Regardless what this Administration and other apologists would want us to believe, the West is at war with an ideology—Islam. They are at war with us, at least in part, because they perceive the West as debauched, decadent and awash in sexual depravity.

Islam has its own law system, called sharia. Sharia law is very clear on sexual depravity (as they define it)—it doesn’t fly. One of the many moral codes of sharia law demands the death penalty for anyone convicted of homosexual activity.

Thanks to the repeal of DADT, we’ve now handed the Islamists another sack of ammunition in their ideological propaganda war against the West. And do we seriously think that Islamists, if and when they capture our servicemen and women, are going to bother wasting the time separating the homosexuals from the heterosexuals? Hardly—they’ll assume they’re ALL homosexuals and treat them accordingly.

Up until now, I seem to have been a voice crying in the wilderness. I’ve actually had other commenters at other sites poo-pooh my concerns.

But it looks like somebody agrees with me. None other than Former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin:

[Babbin] told TheDC that the repeal raises more questions than it answers about America’s ability to execute the War on Terror effectively.

“Can gays serve as military advisers to Muslims?” he asked in an e-mail to TheDC. “What about Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan? Will gays be able to be out among the Muslims and how much will that drive Muslims away from the nation-building effort?”

Babbin was especially concerned about the propaganda and recruitment value DADT repeal will have for terrorists.

“Propaganda that says gays are among (and the propagandists will say they amount to all) the US troops may turn more young Muslims into terrorists than Guantanamo Bay’s prison ever did…..The burden on our guys—to gain confidence and provide security—is increased many-fold by having to overcome the Muslim intolerance of homosexuality,” wrote Babbin to TheDC. (emphasis mine)

And Mr. Babbin isn’t alone in this assessment.

Indeed propaganda is something to keep in mind, according to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). Jasser told TheDC that, while the AIFD did not take a position on the repeal of DADT, there is a good probability that jihadi propagandists will likely use the presence of gays in uniform against the United States.

“It will be used in order to paint American secularism as against their Islamic values, so it will be no different than other stereotypes about the West –as being anti-religious, anti-Islam—that have been used in the past to feed the anti-American military propaganda,” Jasser said, noting that the real world impact will be unknown until the policy is actually implemented. (again, emphasis mine)

Hey, I’m just a dumb old blogger, what do I know? But can you say the same thing about these two guys?

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LA writes:

In December 2009 (no link), Diana West reported that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, “Mike” Mullen (his use of the nick name showing that he doesn’t expect himself or his authority to be taken seriously by anyone), in the course of a visit to Afghanistan met with troops and told them:

“I hope more than anything you will be able to focus on the people of this country. That’s what this is all about.”

Hmm, how will tribal Muslim Afghans feel about having 90,000 members of the now-homosexualized U.S. armed forces “focus on the people of this country”?

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