Scan and grope is continuing—but if it is, where’s the mass outrage?

Sebastian C. writes:

Regarding your question as to the recent apparent lack of media coverage of the Transportation Security Administration’s extreme security measures, both the procedures and the complaints, including legal cases, continue. Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones have done an incredible job covering the issue. Rockwell has a story about the TSA every day. Over the last couple of days, a military police officer (with experience in Guantanamo!) has complained about being humiliated by the custodial searches; victims of rape have reported traumatic experiences; more evidence has emerged that attractive women are targeted and intimidated; children have been told the searches are a “game,” prompting concerns they are being disarmed against sexual predators who say similar things as an excuse to touch them; and an envoy from the Indian embassy has filed a complaint with the White House. Also, more scientific evidence regarding the radiation of the scanners tearing apart DNA is being published.

There is legislation is New Jersey and Texas seeking to ban them from the state, and some airports like Orlando are looking into replacing the TSA with private security. The problem is that they would still be subject to TSA guidelines and procedures.

I have followed this issue with great interest because I am a frequent flyer—and because once the state accustoms people to being touched, groped and man-handled as a matter of course, it has crossed into a very dark place without precedent in American or democratic European history. I don’t think people, including most so-called conservatives, understand what is happening here to the dignity of man and the sacredness of the human body. But in a world of body piercings and systematic profanity, of debasement and humiliation as sport, I fear we may be on a road that leads to places Americans simply do not understand. If ever modern atheism has failed us, it is now. By the way, airport security in Europe and Asia is staffed by people with at least 40 IQ points higher—and no groping.

Meanwhile, Janet Napolitano will now be broadcasting citizen spies surveillance messages into 800 Walmarts across the country. Oh, and don’t forget the “iWatch” program launched in California. This last is really worth seeing as it shows the complete degradation of modern day Americans, the multi-cult mix that promotes a Big Brother central state and the sheer bovine, helplessness of the people featured.

As for the “get your hands off my body,” pro-abortion, feminist crowd, they seem willing to go along with anything that makes Obama and their lesbian sister at DHS look good.

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Lydia McGrew writes:

A correction to the otherwise very useful set of links by your reader Sebastian: It is not true that Europe does not have the groping security that America has. An female friend of mine first encountered the grope-security regime at an intra-terminal airport checkpoint in Germany in the course of a flight home from Russia. She was extremely shocked and described the incident in a way that made it unmistakable that it was identical to the kinds of stories we are hearing about the TSA regime in America. It also happened at the same time that the TSA was beginning all of this in the U.S.

A reader writes:

I just flew from Atlanta to Dallas. No naked body scans or gropes at either airport. Security was surprisingly efficient or perhaps incompetent.

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