Rand P. and Obamacare

James M. writes:

The Lexington Herald’s election guide consisted of each candidate’s less than 40 word statement of his position on various topics. On health care, the very first sentence of Rand Paul’s answer was “I will vote to repeal the entire bill.” He then calls the individual mandate “egregious.” Trey Grayson on the other hand lists a few reforms he would propose but (incredibly) he does not specifically mention Obamacare. If repeal of Obamacare should be our primary focus in order to prevent the country from undergoing a horrible transformation then Rand Paul is it in Kentucky.

LA replies:

The repeal of Obamacare is the transcendent issue this year. I would support a repealist who has some other positions I strongly disagree with, over a non-repealist with whom I agree on all other issues.

Besides, I have no choice in the matter. I signed on March 25 the Repeal Obamacare pledge, which states:

I hereby pledge to support with my time, money, and vote only those candidates who vow to repeal President Obama’s health care takeover.

Sadly, the number of signers has barely increased since late March. I guess it was not publicized effectively. But it doesn’t matter. I would take that pledge, even if I were the only person in America to do so. If Obamacare remains in place, American liberty is dead, and all the other issues we care about will be lost as well.

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LA writes:

Of course the pledge does not obligate one to support any and all candidates who support repeal; regardless of how objectionable their other positions were; it only obligates one not to support candidates who don’t support repeal. For example, if a repealist also supported comprehensive immigration reform, I would not support him.

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