“Post-racial America,” before and after

A knee-jerk liberal blogger, the type who takes the Southern Poverty Law Center as his authority, came upon View from the Right, this entry in particular, and finds it indistinguishable from the neo-Nazi Stormfront. The entry is “What is post-racial America?”, posted in February 2008. In it I argued that an Obama presidency would not result in the removal of any aspects of the vast system of racial preferences for nonwhites, so how could it be post-racial? I continued:

If post-racial America does not mean the removal of these pro-nonwhite, anti-white policies and beliefs, what does it mean?

It means a post-white America, an America transformed by the symbolic removal of whiteness as the country’s explicit or implicit historic and majority identity.

This is the consummation of which Obama’s supporters dream.

In Obama’s post-racial America, all the anti-white policies and attitudes, from affirmative action to open borders for Hispanics to the multicultural rewriting of history to endless campaigns against “white racial privilege,” will remain in place. What will change is that whites will not protest these anti-white policies any more, will not mutter under their breath about them any more, will not even think about muttering under their breath about them any more. Instead, they will unreservedly embrace them, in the joy of racial unity and harmony.

That last sentence is exactly predictive of David Horowitz’s January 2009 celebratory article about Obama’s inauguration in which Horowitz joyously embraced what he saw as America’s new multiracial unity, a unity, he explained without irony, that consisted of nonwhites identifying with America for the first time, through their race-conscious identification with a nonwhite president, along with race-blind whites (like Horowitz) celebrating the fact that nonwhites were feeling patriotic about America for the first time. Horowitz’s new blissful American unity was built of (a) a fulfilled nonwhite racial consciousness, and (b) an at least implicit white approval of this nonwhite racial consciousness, because of the identification of nonwhites with America that the nonwhite racial consciousness had brought about. Which fit to a “T” the “post-racial” America I had predicted a year earlier.

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