Triumphant Wilders calls European Parliament election “D Day”

Below is Geert Wilders’s post-election speech last night, posted at the website of the Freedom Party (PVV), and translated into English here.

At an election meeting in The Hague last night, Geert Wilders gave his response to the preliminary results of European elections. The following is the text of the speech that he gave there:


The preliminary results are in and are stunning. For the first time the PVV joins these elections, and right away the first strike is a blow. It is not the official results, however, but a forecast. But the beginning is here: FOUR SEATS! [LA notes: four seats out of 25 may not sound like much. But when we remember that the governing party of the Netherlands won five seats, and that the Freedom Party was formed by Wilders only two years ago, the significance of the number becomes plain.]

This is great news for the Netherlands. This is great news for people who are sick and tired of the European superstate, who are tired of this Balkenende/Bos government. People who get nothing for nothing, ordinary Dutch people who have to work hard for their money. They want their children to grow up in a Dutch Netherlands. And this is good news for all those Europeans who love Europe—but horrified of Eurabia and horrified by the European superstate that costs us billions a year.

It is also good news for the Party for Freedom. The first time we have participated, and then this result. It seems that we have become the second party of the Netherlands and larger than the PvdA [Socialists, government party] and larger than the VVD [center-right]. Folks, in one word: Super! Super, also for the Netherlands.

But it would even be better for the Netherlands if the Balkenende/Bos cabinet draws the conclusion it should, and that is to resign, leave [according to De Telegraaf, Geert Wilders did not have to finish this sentence, the audience yelled spontaneously: Get out!], and never come back again.

I dedicate this enormous success to all the volunteers, to all those hard workers, to all those thousands of Dutch people who went door to door with leaflets and pasted up posters and gave money to the one party that does not receive any subsidy. Folks, this is your success, this is your party.

Tonight it is D-Day. Tonight, our PVV-ers arrived at the beach, ready to fight. Ready to break through the left-wing cordon sanitaire. Today, the Party for Freedom found solid ground under its feet. Not only here in The Hague [Dutch parliament], but also in Brussels. This is an important next step. But I promise you: the best part is still to come.

The Netherlands is waking up from a long leftist nightmare. A nightmare of crazy high taxes, crime, lousy care, headscarves and burkas, of pauperizing, of mass immigration and Islamization….

To all those Dutch people who yearn for a new beginning, who wish for a new start, who find that the Netherlands deserves so much better, I say: the Party for Freedom is advancing!

The Party for Freedom has rolled up its sleeves. We are ready. Our engine is warmed up. Friends, a turbo is on it. We will really start rolling now.

Tonight we’ll have a beer, but tomorrow the fight will continue all over again! Only one person may have a rest tomorrow. Because folks, most members of the European Parliament talk with honey in their mouth. But soon someone in Brussels will talk with a Rotterdam accent. And that is the man who started on the side of Pim Fortuyn and will fly out tonight.

He ran the best campaign of all. He made Hans van Baalen [VVD, center right and well-fed] sweat so much that he at the least lost ten pounds. Please pay your respects to our frontman. Here is the pride of Rotterdam, and also next in Brussels. Give him a big hand: Barry Madlener!

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