Hasan was wearing white Muslim robe and prayer cap hours prior to the mass killing

From the Killeen Daily Herald:

Neighbors described Hasan as a quiet man who began wearing “Arabic clothing” in recent weeks.


In the morning, neighbors said Hasan handed Qurans and donated his furniture to anyone who would take it.

Going around in traditional Arab dress, handing out Korans. Sure sounds to me like a jihadist calmly lining himself up with Allah, prior to his Big Moment. How are the media going to continue to spin this as a man driven out of his mind, driven to murder, by frustrations and taunts?

According to Michelle Malkin, the despicable Wolf Blitzer had an entire segment interviewing psychiatrists who said that Hasan was mentally broken down by the “taunts” he had gotten for being a Muslim. Let’s see now. Hasan is a medical doctor, a psychiatrist working at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country, and a U.S. Army officer. Who the hell would be taunting him—and in today’s ultra politically correct Army, no less?

(Note: if anyone has the video of Hasan in white robe, please send.)

Update: Reader N. has sent the video, it’s a surveillance video in a convenience store. The caption at The Telegraph says:

US army officer Major Nidal Malik Hasan was captured on CCTV in the hours before the killing, wearing what appear to be traditional Muslim robes and a prayer cap.

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N. writes:

Wonder if he was wearing this stuff on the fort? Probably, who would dare tell him not to, in the multiculti military?

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