The Darwinian anti-Semites’ self-contradiction

Dennis Mangan posted an entry yesterday quoting the anti-Semite Tanstaafl’s comment about me that I had posted and giving his own angle on the issue. He gave me a heads up about the post and said he was not going to let in the crazies to comment. But apparently the post generated so much e-mail of the Jew-hating variety that Mr. Mangan didn’t want to deal with it and took down the entry. Understandable.

Gintas then sent me a comment he had been about to post at Mangan’s when the thread was removed. Here it is:

Gintas wrote:

Jun says,

This is nothing unique to Jews. This applies to ALL groups of people.


behaviour based on “selfish” genes and kin-selection will always win the day.

White Europeans will survive just fine then; their genes and ethnic urges (kin-selection) are right now—though it is like staring into a thick fog for me to see this—exercising their “will” to survive, even in the face of Jewish schemes to the contrary.

The dominance of Liberal Western Suicide is just the appearance of Suicide; it’s actually a Western white survival method, isn’t it? Genes and ethnicity won’t be denied, and we have numbers on our side in Europe; I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

If you answer: most Western whites’ genetic and ethnic urges have been suppressed by Jewish scheming, then I answer: why can’t Auster’s Jewish genetic and ethnic urges be suppressed? What makes Auster so unstoppable and Tanstaafl so stoppable?

[end of Gintas’s comment]

It’s a brilliant critique of the Darwinian anti-Semites. Their position is that the tribal evolutionary-competitive urge in Jews is so powerful that everything a Jew does (or even everything a Christian of Jewish ethnic background does), even if it appears to be pro-white gentile, is “really” directed at destroying white gentiles and elevating the Jews over them. Yet this same group-competitive drive, which is supposed to be universal in humans, and which is so powerful in Jews that it controls and directs all their thoughts and actions, and which is so relentless in Jews that it can’t be stopped short of killing them all or imprisoning them on Madagascar, is so weak in gentile Europeans that they are willingly letting themselves be taken over and destroyed by their age-old tribal enemy.

Like Marxist intellectuals who believe in the historical inevitability of the workers’ revolution, yet scheme and strive to bring it about, the Darwinian anti-Semites believe that murderous group competition is the all determining force of human existence, yet also think that in the case of their own group, white gentles, this instinct of murderous group competition is strangely dormant, and that this strangely dormant all-powerful instinct can be prodded back into operation by their writing lots of blog comments about it. If they really believed in an unstoppable, evolution-determined, tribal drive to subdue and destroy one’s tribal enemies, they would shut up and let the evolutionary process take place.

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