Scores of violent incidents throughout Greater London area

The rioting is far more extensive than is even indicated in The Guardian’s story posted in the previous entry. According to a Google map last updated 2 a.m. Tuesday morning British time, there have been over sixty incidents of rioting, looting, arson, or other destruction in London and surrounding cities inside the M25, Greater London’s equivalent of the Beltway, most of them Monday night. You can scroll down the list on the left, which describes each incident (I’ve copied the entire list below), or click on one of the symbols on the map and bring up a box with the information for that locality.

The British have something like a revolution on their hands, and evidently they don’t have the manpower to deal with it. Meanwhile I was watching Fox News for a while Monday evening, O’Reilly and Hannity (with Mark Steyn substituting for Hannity), and there was no mention of the British riots. It was all about the stock market drop and the debt fight, with the usual lots of blondie “commentators” with lots of flesh showing.

Here is the listing of violent incidents from the Google map:

London riots / UK riots: verified areas
Affected areas (since Saturday but mostly tonight, Monday), with sources where appropriate.

LIVE UPDATED UNTIL 02:00 Tuesday morning.
Missing info? Tweet @jamescridland with verifiable source please //
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Saturday 6 August
Saturday 6 August

Police are called to High Street Enfield after reports shop windows are being smashed. A police vehicle is damaged. 18:28 Sunday 7 August
Police are called to High Street Enfield after reports shop windows are being smashed. A police vehicle is damaged.

18:28 Sunday 7 August

Chingford Mount
Three officers are injured after being hit by a vehicle in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest. The officers had been making arrests after a shop was looted.Sunday 7 August
Three officers are injured after being hit by a vehicle in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest. The officers had been making arrests after a shop was looted. Sunday 7 August

Up to 200 youths looted shops and charged police in Coldharbour Lane and the High Street, Sunday 8 August

Oxford Circus
Fifty youths gathered in Oxford Circus, central London, and threw objects at shops: Sunday 7 August

More than 30 youths vandalised and looted shops: Sunday 7 August

Waltham Forest
Gangs of youths attack officers and shops are targeted. Sunday 7 August

Ponder’s End
A Tesco store in Ponders End was attacked and items stolen: Sunday 7 August

Sunday 7 August

A police vehicle windscreen was smashed during a disturbance in Islington: Sunday 7 August

Monday 8 August 2011

Vehicles set on fire, Monday 8 August

Vehicles set on fire and shops looted BBC News Channel 20:48 Mon 8 Aug

Looters/rioters moments ago causing chaos along the Walworth road, Camberwell - Monday 8 August

Reports of Deptford violence. Daily Telegraph reporting fires.
19:40 Mon 8 August

“Several premises attacked in centre” (West Midlands Police) Source: BBC News 20:06 Monday 8 Aug

Swarms of youths in hoods and masks are confronting the police from every junction to London Road. Bricks, bottles and sticks were thrown at the police line, who are armed with batons and riot shields.
19:59 Mon 8 Aug

A bus was set alight as rioters took to the streets.
BBC News
22:14 Mon 8 Aug

Police at the scene of the Croydon disturbances are investigating a “non-fatal” shooting, according to a source.
BBC News
23:49 Mon 8 Aug

East Ham
Looting reported 20:02 BBC News Channel; Mon 8 Aug

Mike Gapes, MP: Gang of copycat thug outsiders have gone on rampage in Ilford High Rd and Ilford Lane.!/MikeGapes/status/100649736155049986 20:55 Mon 8 Aug

20:55 Mon 8 Aug

Vandals shattered the front windows of Ladbrokes, in Franciscan Road, Tooting, and nearby CEX, in Mitcham Road.…
Sat 6 August

A group of about 15 masked men broke into a shop at around 2.30am and stole almost £1000 of goods, including laptops and new phones. Looters also targeted a nearby off-licence – S G Food and News - …
Sun 7 Aug

Clapham Junction
100 to 200 people involved in a riot in Lavender Hill. Sky News reporter 21:15 Mon 8 Aug Chris Rogers, BBC News Channel 21:46 Mon 8 Aug Debenhams apparently one of the targets 21:52
21:46 Mon 8 Aug

Walworth Road, Camberwell
Reported looting on Twitter 21:38 Mon 8 Aug

Colliers Wood
Multiple reports of shops on fire and looters at Tandem Centre

Corporation St, Birmingham
Channel 4 News has spoken to one eyewitness, Omar Siddique, who was leaving work at 8pm, he said trouble was “brewing”. “There must have been 20 police vans and 100 uniformed officers on Corporation S…
“Whole herds of youths were running up and down, but I didn’t see anybody throwing missiles.”

Three Sisters pub, Seven Sisters
At five lane junction outside the Three Sisters pub a police car just tried to drive down a road blocked by a gang of youths. The windscreen was smashed and pelted with bricks before the driver managed to speed off. Someone screamed that the police car had run a person over but it wasn’t the case. Extremely dangerous for any police to go near.
20:43 Mon 8 Aug

Riot also in Woolwich Town Centre, police car on fire, the bus I took home had rocks thrown at it and a window was smashed.
See pics here:

DIrect from Emanuel
22:23 Mon 8 Aug
23:35 Mon 8 Aug

Loughborough Junction
Sam Francis is in Loughborough Junction Brixton, where he witnessed 30 youths, faces covered, being chased into the station by two police officers. Police vans and cars were also in pursuit, and blocked the youths inside the station.
22:36 Mon 8 Aug

“Thugs in Hackney, East London, smashed up shop fronts and hurled missiles at riot cops. Similar scenes broke out in Lewisham, Barking and Peckham, where buildings went up in flames with firemen initially unable to reach them.” - The Sun
22:38 Mon 8 Aug

“it passed the end of my road. I spoke to locals who confirmed damage.”!/sbailey2076/status/100683064463728640
22:42 Mon 8 Aug

Wood Green
Car fires, looters. Sun 7 Aug

Notting Hill
Multiple reports on Twitter

Bus set on fire.
“We’ve detoured to Dalston where a bus was set on fire in shacklewell lane earlier. The single deck bus is now cordoned off and there doesn’t seem to be much damage, but the incident has clearly shaken the large Turkish community here. Many shopkeepers are on the street talking about how they chased away the gang of youths behind the bus fire.”
22:47 Mon 8 Aug

BBCLondonNews: Camden High Street, Chalk Farm Road now closed with reported rioting.
23:17 Mon 8 Aug

Ealing Broadway
Ealing Broadway now closed with reported rioting.
23:21 Mon 8 Aug
Rioting is taking place in Ealing, west London, where the windows of a Tesco supermarket have been put out, a car is on fire and rubbish is strewn in public areas. There is also a fire in Haven Green park, opposite Ealing Broadway Tube.
23:27 Mon 8 Aug

Camden Town
Electric Ballroom in Camden has just been smashed up.
23:34 Mon 8 Aug

Unconfirmed reports of Primark and other stores on fire. Stations closed.
@bbclondonnews: Bromley High St is closed with repotrs of rioting, according to London Buses.
23:47 Mon 8 Aug

Isle of Dogs
Fire on Spindrift Avenue, Isle of Dogs
23:56 Mon 8 Aug

Roman Road
Looters break into Zee & Co.
00:00 Tue 9 Aug
Eye witness
00:51 Tue 9 Aug

Harringay Arena
Looting and attempted robbery
00:00 Monday 8 August

St John’s Hill, Clapham
“Police have arrived at St John’s Hill in Clapham and rapidly brought the area under control.”
23:54 Mon 8 Aug

Surrey Quays
2337: Looters are being chased down by police in Surrey Quays.
23:37 Mon 8 Aug

Fulham Broadway
“Cars have been torched in Fulham Broadway.” 00:01 Tue 9 Aug

East Dulwich
Tom Whitehead, the Daily Telegraph’s Home Affairs editor, reports a group of around 30 hooded and masked youths have targeted East Dulwich, smashing windows at a pubm, pharmacy and convinience store.
23:41 Mon 8 Aug

Telegraph reporter Emily Gosden says shop windows have been broken and piles of ruibbish set alight in Balham, South London.
23:05 Mon 8 August

Old Kent Road
The BBC reports looting on the Old Kent Road and Tower Bridge areas of London, with Barclays Bank, Tesco, Argos and Curry’s targetted by youths on bikes.
23:41 Mon 8 Aug

South Woodford
Jeweller and bank broken into
00:15 Tue 9 Aug

Debenhams attacked. contains a video.
00:24 Tue 9 Aug

Essex Road
I’ve just returned from Hackney riots and was ambushed just off Essex Road and had my bike snatched by a group of six masked teenagers waiting on Ecclesbourne Road who were shouting “take the bike, take the bike”.
I was forced to swerve away from them but crashed to the ground. Just as one of the thieves grabbed my bike from under me a red van raced screeched around the corner and smashed into a parked car. Two young men then got out and the man in passenger seat then put his hand in his pocket and threatened to pull a on knife on the thieves, accusing them of stealing his bike earlier.
23:54 Mon 8 Aug

Hurst St
00:24 Tue 9 Aug

Holyhead Road
Reports that a police station, said to be the Holyhead Road one in Handsworth has been set ablaze and that this is a picture of it. Things appear to be escalating around the imminent area.
00:16 Tue 9 Aug

Canning Town
Riot in canning town earlier, I got some pictures. Went from one end of barking road to the other
00:39 Tue 9 Aug

Waltham Cross
Rioters have smashed their way into a jeweller’s and two police cars have been damaged after violence seen in London spread to Hertfordshire.
Hertfordshire’s police say they received several calls from the public from 9.50pm on Sunday 7 August 2011 to reports of groups of youths in Waltham Cross and Cheshunt. Officers in high visibility clothing were deployed to the area.
21:50 Sun 7 August

Blackheath been got. Designer clothes shop Rogue smashed up
00:44 Tue 9 Aug

Twitter reports: A Wetherspoons in Lee has been targetted in a “mass mugging.” Police were rung but did not pick up.
00:46 Tue 9 Aug

AJRyland: @JamesCridland Wetherspoons being mugged in Lee (also confirmed by managers on phone).

Toxteth Granada Reports 00:49 Tue 9 Aug
Granada Reports
00:49 Tue 9 Aug

Workers at Best Buy on Harlesden High Street fought off attempts to enter their shop from a gang of around 20 thieves, alleged to be aged 13-26, carrying bits of wood from nearby shop fronts and stolen wooden mops.
00:54 Tue 9 Aug

Portobello Road
Patrick Wetergreen, a BBC IT technician, tells us he saw looters on Portabello Road, which is near his west London home. He says several car windows on the street were smashed, a moped was on fire and he saw about 50 people, the majority of whom had covered their faces.
00:49 Tue 9 Aug

Peckham High Street
BBC London says there is criminal activity on the A202 Peckham High Street, which is blocked near Rye Lane - with shops being smashed and buses attacked.
18:16 Mon 8 Aug

Bethnal Green Road
Road riot late afternoon, Monday 8 Aug

Just watching a group of teenagers ransack Iceland in Peckham. They’re running in and out with armfuls of food and drink. Not a policeman in sight. Someone on the street is yelling “make sure you get Frebreze”.
20:56 Mon 8 Aug

Enfield Lock
There are reports of a fire at the Sony warehouse in Enfield, north London.
00:54 Tue 9 Aug
This is reported erroneously as “Waltham Abbey”. Also here, a Sainsbury’s depot. Reports that police consider this an industrial fire and unrelated to disturbances.

Ealing Broadway
Tesco Express looted Sky News 01:20 Tue 9 Aug

Camberwell Green
Witness David Francis reports rioting in Camberwell Green, South London. He says he was punched in the face by “what felt like very reals pearls wrapped around a masked rioters’ fist.”
01:18 Tue 9 Aug

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