On the eve of the Wilders trial

It is now 2:30 a.m. on the East Coast of the United States, meaning that in a couple of hours the trial of Geert Wilders will start in the Netherlands. Other than “straight” news stories (meaning stories that uncritically reflect the prevailing left-liberal assumptions) from the wire services, there has been virtually no coverage of this historic event in the U.S. mainstream media. The biggest, perhaps the only, opinion article in any mainstream publication was a clever piece of liberal propaganda in the Wall Street Journal. Written by Dutch writer Leon de Winter, the column at first glance appeared to be pro-Wilders, because it was calling for the trial to be stopped; but it was actually anti-Wilders and pro-Islam. As I demonstrated, de Winter is against the trial, not because it is an act of tyranny against Wilders and in principle against all Westerners who would defend their civilization and their freedom from the slavery of Islam, but because the trial will bring out true facts about Islam that will be damaging to Islam and thus to Islam-West comity. In the borderless-capitalist-world mindset of the WSJ, this is only permissible basis on which to oppose the Wilders trial.

In general, the U.S. media regard events in Europe as significant only insofar as they directly affect the United States. How strange it is, that even as the media advance a multicultural, “anti-racist” ideology that must, if followed consistently, lead to the disappearance of the U.S. as a historically distinct nation and its merging into the rest of the world, the same media are so relentlessly provincial in the news they cover! Perhaps this is what is meant by thinking globally, acting locally.

In the coming days, the best source for information on the Wilders trial will be the Gates of Vienna blog, the premier American site for information on anti-Islamization efforts in Europe, especially as it provides English translations of European documents and articles. Other sites to check out regularly will be the website of the International Free Press Society, Diana West’s blog, The Brussels Journal, and Jihad Watch. For perspective, see my article, “The real question of the Wilders trial.”

Update: Wilders has created an English-language website to report on the trial.

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