How European conservatives can resist the left

In connection with an entry posted yesterday, European conservatives alone, Alan Roebuck has written this open letter to European conservatives:

Dear European Conservatives:

It appears to this American that Europe has made it illegal (de facto or de jure) to oppose the specific policies of the left, e.g., mass immigration, the empowerment of Islam, sexual liberation, and socialism. But there may be another way to oppose the left, one that may fly under the authorities’ radar screen: Organize a campaign to argue (as publicly as is feasible) against the fundamental philosophical premises of the leftist worldview that rules Europe.

Think of it: arguing against the legitimization of homosexuality may get you in trouble, but what about arguing against the premises that lead to this legitimization (and to the rest of the leftist system of thought): philosophical naturalism and materialism, relativism, Darwinism and atheism?

When the foundation is undermined, the building must eventually collapse, because even a tyrannical regime must have the widespread belief of the people that its fundamental precepts are true. If people begin seeing the falsity of the leftist worldview, real change will become possible.

And the left is an intellectual paper tiger: it tells dissenters to shut up, but it does not have valid arguments to support its principles. In fact, the basic worldview of naturalism that underlies contemporary liberalism is blatantly self-contradictory, i.e., necessarily false.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Click here for my basic analysis of liberalism.

Click here for a demonstration of the falsehood of the naturalistic worldview.

And click here for a demonstration that when atheists go into intellectual battle with theists, they are actually unarmed, because they assume atheism but do not prove it.

The principles of the left are ultimately vacuous: no God has authority over man, and the meaning of life is to be open to everything and to assert your own precious ego. This empty lifestyle may appeal to those who have been psychologically wounded and who feel that freedom from authority is the only thing that will heal them. But after a generation has grown up without any real threat from the old-fashioned authorities (parents, teachers, God), and when this generation observes the real threat emanating from hostile outsiders, they may be open to being persuaded.

For these reasons, the authorities will have a difficult time persuading people that it is a sin to argue against the naturalistic worldview. The more perceptive rulers of Europe will see that this is a threat to their dominion, but ordinary people may not feel such a strong commitment to the System that they will support suppression of this philosophical dissent.

Anyway, resistance has to start somewhere, and reform will go nowhere until the intellectual premises of the left are exposed and publicly refuted. An intellectual campaign to discredit the fundamental ideas of the left will be a necessary condition of a restoration of a properly ordered Europe, because the current climate of ideas makes such a restoration impossible. Since it will be necessary, what do you think of the feasibility of such a campaign?

Alan Roebuck

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