What the left sees as wrong with Islam

Andrew McCarthy, one of the countable-on-the-digits-of-one-hand adults who writes at the supposed flagship magazine of American conservatism, has an interesting Corner entry on the Iran situation, and the very different views of it of various experts.

He ends with this very insightful comment:

Considerations of Islamic ideology have been discouraged in this country since 9/11—lest we detect a nexus between Muslim doctrine and Muslim terror. Consequently, there is general ignorance about the Islamic political program (Islam is not just a religion, it is a comprehensive socio-political program). But for a few nettlesome differences (like equality for women and hostility to homosexuals), the Islamic political program—especially the totalitarian version regnant in the Islamic Republic of Iran—is something the American Left would be very comfortable with. Obama understands this, and I think it is a better explanation for his solicitude toward Khamenei than any hope of reversing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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