Democrats angry at West

Regarding the House Democrats’ demand that Rep. Allen West apologize for comparing Democratic Party propaganda to that of Joseph Goebbels, someone should tell West the following. During the House debate on the impeachment of President Clinton in 1999, a Democratic member who was a D-Day veteran, whose name I forget, said something like this from the well of the House:

“I fought people like you (Republicans) in World War II.”

To my knowledge, not only did he not apologize for saying that the Republicans were like Nazis, but the Republicans didn’t demand that he apologize. In fact, Republicans, then and now, routinely let such grave insults to themselves pass unchallenged.

Rep. West might have his staff look up that remark, and use it to show the kinds of things that Democrats say about Republicans all the time.

As for West’s controversial remark, he was not comparing Democrats to Nazis; he was comparing Democratic propaganda techniques to Nazi propaganda techniques.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 16, 2011 02:19 PM | Send

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