How my ideas are being spread

Given my non-person status in contemporary society, the only way my writings get anywhere near mainstream conservative venues is when commenters quote or link them, which happens fairly often. For example, see, following a Victor Hanson piece at PJ Media about the election, comment No. 67 from Mike Steinberg where he quotes me at length on how the neoconservative open-immigration ideology has helped doom America to a leftist future. Some readers of Hanson who read that entry may actually start to think about things in a different way.

Also, apropos of nothing, in the same thread there is a funny comment about Sarah Palin. Commenter Mr. Lucky says:

As for lust for Sarah-poo, alas, the “folksy/twangy” bit is a serious turn-off. She is a beautiful woman, but once she opens her mouth…aaargh!”

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